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Winter Property Management Tips: Michigan Snow & Ice Management

As a leading commercial snow removal company in Grand Rapids, we know there are many things that go into effective commercial property management and maintenance for our clients. Meeting the needs and demands of customers and tenants is vital when it comes to keeping facility occupancy consistent. While the needs of various tenants may vary, they all generally revolve around the comfort and safety of those utilizing a given public or commercial space.

Effective Property Management in Winter

Whether you are a facilities maintenance manager or another type of property manager, it is important to cover all your bases when it comes to efficient snow removal and ice management. There are plenty of funny and interesting snow removal stories and videos on the web these days and many stem from the lack of attention that was given in the first place regarding appropriate snow removal planning. In order to avoid being becoming famous this way, become famous through the applause of your tenants and customers by utilizing the professional and comprehensive services of a commercial snow removal company.

Avoid Snow-Related Lawsuits

On the other hand, a more serious reason to be proactive regarding proper snow removal is that of costly litigation. Many public or commercial properties that do not provide thorough snow and ice removal are at an extremely high risk of encountering lawsuits by building visitors and tenants who slip and fall. Recently, slip and fall lawsuits surrounding property liability have become more and more common so it pays to be diligent. When the grounds of a public facility are not managed, a lawsuit can almost always be on the way. Hiring a snow removal company with ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification can provide an enormous shield of protection for you on these types of lawsuits.

Invest in Professional Snow Removal Services

Don’t pretend to be an expert at snow removal. Be proactive and prepared for the winter months, find out more about how the Michigan snow removal experts and Sneller Snow & Grounds can keep your property and tenants safe if your business is located near Grand Rapids or Lansing.

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