The safety of staff and visitors is paramount for any business or organization, but heavy snow or ice can leave the car-parks and footpaths around your site a potential slipping hazard. We understand the implications and impact that snow can bring whatever the size of your business or organization.

Most snow removal companies that offer snow plowing hate providing sidewalk services. At Sneller, we take a different approach, and we love the challenge! We have a well-organized system that enables us to provide unmatched sidewalk snow removal and shoveling services to our Grand Rapids and Lansing area clients. With multiple shifts that run back to back, we can service your sidewalks non-stop, around the clock, or take a more basic approach, depending on what you require. We also offer a variety of snow removal options to keep every surface clean and safe.

Sidewalks are where the most concentrated volume of pedestrian traffic occurs, and the service level of your sidewalks gives a big impression about your concern for your site and for those who visit. No one in mid-Michigan and West Michigan is better equipped to manage the safety of your storefronts, pedestrian plazas, and city walks. Entrust these areas to Sneller Snow & Grounds.