While we plan for snow 12 months a year, our award-winning lawn maintenance and commercial landscaping company is providing the best landscaping in Grand Rapids and Lansing. Sneller Snow & Grounds is a fully insured landscaper in Grand Rapids. That means you get professional landscapes, with the highest attention to detail. Our team of landscapers takes a proactive approach to potential lawn and landscaping issues, so you can get things fixed before tenants or customers complain.

We specialize in commercial landscaping in Grand Rapids as well as commercial landscaping in Lansing plus the surrounding areas. We can help you with everything from commercial lawn care to anything else you would expect from a commercial landscape company. Feel free to check out our Lansing Lawn Cutting page or our Grand Rapids Lawn cutting page.

Landscape Projects

We are experienced commercial landscapers focusing on the unique needs of business owners and property managers.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

We offer the most comprehensive lawn cleanups to clear the lawn and planting beds of leaves, weeds, and other debris to keep your commercial property looking great.

Fresh Mulch

We provide a variety of mulch options to give your commercial property a beautiful and fresh new look.

Commercial Lawn Mowing

While commercial lawn care can be a simple task, the attention to detail provided by our professional crew is what makes all the difference.

Weed Control & Fertilizer

We focus on the specific type of plant, its growth habits, flowering characteristics, disease vulnerabilities, design intent, and space limitations.

Shrub & Tree Pruning

We focus on the specific type of plant, its growth habits, flowering characteristics, disease vulnerabilities, design intent, and space limitations.

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Commercial Landscaping As It Should Be!

Do you look at your commercial landscape maintenance as an expense or as an opportunity? Too many people play the boom and bust cycle of doing business. They cut costs to the bone for as long as they can and then, when things are ignored for too long, they shell out a ton of money to fix preventable problems.The same can happen with your landscaping.

Just like you don’t want the “cheap pants,” you don’t want cheap landscaping. Instead you want the pair of pants that will last you more than 5 washings and can handle a day out in the yard…the pair of pants that provides the greatest value.

Isn’t it funny how the same is true in most areas of life? You don’t want cheap landscaping that causes long term damage that is expensive to fix. You certainly don’t want landscaping that drives away customers. What you do want is a dollar well spent, a dollar that can save you two dollars later on.

Commercial Landscaping Done Right

Commercial landscape maintenance done right is like buying that quality pair of pants that lasts a good long time. You pay a little more, but over time, it saves you money or, in some cases, even makes you money if your landscape can be used to help attract customers.

Good landscape maintenance keeps down your water costs. Good landscaping helps keep your snow removal costs down. Good landscaping maintenance takes care of problems when they are small and easy to fix instead of ignoring problems. Good landscaping helps ensure pedestrian safety.

Good landscaping means we are here to serve you, so you won’t need to play baby sitter, nor will you need to worry about the results. In fact, with our proactive communication systems, you will get all the updates you need to let you know your landscaping maintenance is already taken care of.

Our Standard Landscaping Services

Lawn mowing, edging, and blowing

Flower bed maintenance

Pesticide and fertilizer treatments


Tree and shrub pruning

Irrigation management

And more!