While commercial lawn care can be a simple task, the attention to detail provided by our professional crew is what makes all the difference.

Our commercial lawn care is affordable and reliable. If you’re searching for lawn mowing companies near your business or commercial property, Sneller has the best lawn mowing options in your region. At Sneller Snow & Grounds, our attention to detail is what helped us get selected as the landscaper of choice several times for the Outstanding Landscape Maintenance Award. So, while commercial lawn care can be a simple task, the attention to detail provided by our uniformed, professional crews while providing commercial mowing services and commercial landscaping are what make all the difference. Below are just a few ways we set ourselves apart from other lawn mowing companies in addition to being a fully insured, local Grand Rapids commercial lawn care services company:

  • Weekly safety training of all of our commercial lawn maintenance crews.
  • Sharpen our lawn mower blades two times per week for a clean cut.
  • Make sure all of the grass clippings are dealt with appropriately.
  • Avoid blowing grass clippings out into the street, onto cars, or into mulch beds during commercial lawn cutting.
  • Hand trim wet areas rather than driving a mower through them to protect your commercial landscaping.
  • Report concerns that we find on the property, such as irrigation leaks, dry areas, pest and disease activity. Our trained staff will proactively mention if they see any landscaping or building maintenance needs we notice while working on your property. You don't have to wait for a tenant to complain.
  • Proper trimming height.
  • Regular edging of concrete edges.
  • Change the mowing pattern frequently to avoid patterns of soil compaction and to promote even turf growth and variety.