How our customers feel

Sneller has provided snow removal services to commercial properties that I manage, and they do a fantastic job. The service, communication, and follow up are all excellent. I can highly recommend Sneller Snow & Grounds.
Charlie – Property Manager in Grand Rapids, MI
I have worked with many different lawn/snow companies over the years of managing properties and I believe Sneller is one of the best at very good rates.
Larry – Property Manager in Byron Center
Sneller provides quality service with impressive prices. They have been able to keep our lot safe and clean. The use of Ice Melt has been very beneficial for us, due to tight spaces and having vehicles parked here 24/7.
Retirement Community in Kentwood, MI
We have appreciated Sneller Snow & Grounds, especially their attention to detail. We are pleased that they are easy to get in touch with and they have great prices.
Doug – Truck Repair Facility in Grand Rapids, MI
We have enjoyed having Sneller take care of our snow and ice management for us. They are extremely organized, efficient and professional. We appreciate how easy it is to contact them and with their rapid response when we need something done.
Office Building in Grand Rapids, MI
If you are looking for a professional snow and ice management company, Sneller is who you want. They helped us have a problem free winter which was such a relief. They have all the benefits of a large company but since they are a family owned business, they give you the attention of a smaller company.
Office Building, Kentwood, MI
I would highly recommend Sneller Snow & Grounds! They have very competitive prices which is refreshing since they have many different proactive options than many other companies. They have a crew tracker program making it easy to see when they have started and finished on our property. They send out emails during snow events, letting me know what their plan is and if they will be coming back through. These two things alone make it much easier for me to keep track of what is going on even while I am away. Using Ice Melt has helped a great deal during the colder months, keeping everything safer and cleaner. They are punctual and do their job effectively. In years past, I have had curb damage due to other plowing companies; this is the first year I didn’t have to fix any curbs thanks to Sneller’s close attention to details. They are a great company and I have appreciated working with them.
Jim – Industrial Complex in Kentwood, MI
Sneller Snow & Grounds provides great work year round for lawn care and snow management. By going with them we were able to get more work done than we have been able to in the past, but also able to save money. Their online tracking program allows me to see if my property has been done before I even get to work.
Manufacturing Facility in Kentwood, MI
As a manager of medical/office buildings, we need a snow removal company who will keep our sidewalks and lots safe for our tenants and their clients. Sneller has done a great job providing this for us. They have drastically lowered the number of tenant calls. They are easy to communicate with and work hard to resolve any issues that may come up.
Office Building Park in Forest Hills, MI
Working with Sneller Snow & Grounds has made my life stress-free when it comes to snow and ice management on our property. They are easy to get a hold of and they have a quick response time when they are needed. Last year we didn’t have any of our tenants call to complain about them, or the work they have done.
Rick – Retail Center in Kentwood, MI
During the blizzard of 2011, they really impressed us. Being within a large mall complex, it made us proud knowing we picked Sneller when our lot was clean and safe for our employees and customers first thing.
Rhonda – Large Retail Store in Kentwood, MI
We enjoy having Sneller for many reasons. I have appreciated how easy it is to get a hold of them and how well they handle our needs. They have helped me make billing simpler and they make our salt management a breeze. You don’t find much help like that these days.
Packaging Facility in Kentwood, MI
We switched to Sneller Snow & Grounds and have been grateful with our decision. We have a lot of sidewalks around our building and they have done an excellent job keeping up on them through the winter. We chose to not use our sidewalk heating system after realizing that Sneller was more cost effective and more reliable than our automated heating system was for keeping our sidewalks clean and safe. It is nice to know that not only are our lots safe, but our sidewalks as well.
Ed – Office Building in Kentwood, MI
Our association has contracted with Sneller for the past three years for lawn care and snow plowing. We are very pleased with the quality of work they do. Whether talking with Dan Sneller or asking a question of the crew, everyone is pleasant and efficient. They have attended to every detail. All of our residents have praised the quality of their work. There is no comparison between Sneller and the 3-4 other companies we have used over the previous 10 years that I have been here. Sneller is by far the best. Others wouldn’t even talk to me and we couldn’t get anything done.
Condo Association in Ada, MI
Your professionalism and honesty has been a constant in all the years you have serviced our office. There has never been a time that service has not been timely and prompt, maintenance of our grounds has not been meticulous, or that your attention to detail been less than perfect. Other companies have been bombarding with flyers and promises, but from the 20 years we have been in business we have learned that an operation like yours is hard to find!
Dentist in Caledonia, MI
One of the only snowplowing contractors that we didn't get any complaints about in all of Michigan was Sneller Snow & Grounds. They even have a system that you can track the snow plow service on the web.
Schools in Walker, Kentwood, Lansing, MI
Being a senior living facility we need a company who is easy to contact, trustworthy and provides swift and dependable services. The use of Ice Melt creates a safe environment. Sneller has met and exceeded our needs as well as maintaining our budget. We are grateful for how easy communication is with them. We also really appreciate their email system, letting us know what is going on continuously and telling us if they are planning on coming back.
Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, MI
Being a medical facility we need our place to be safe for our clients. Sneller was able to provide exactly what we needed while maintaining our budget. Their product and technical skills proved to be outstanding and the level of customer service we received was exceptional. We are grateful for their quick response time and how easy it is to contact them at any time.
Medical Office Building in Cascade, MI
Sneller has supplied excellent snow and ice control service at our offsite plazas and our new hospital since its completion. They anticipate what will be needed remarkably well and respond to changing conditions very quickly. Their service enables Metro to maintain safer winter sidewalk and parking lot conditions at a reasonable cost with little oversight. They are proactive and helpful and the kind of service contractor you hope to find.
Metro Health in Wyoming, MI