Why Sneller?

Our Grounds and Snow management teams outperform all others in West and Mid-Michigan.

SNOW IS UNPREDICTABLE. We have contingency plans, we practice, we prepare, we eagerly anticipate. Snow is priority number one in our team’s schedule. Our mission is to make sure you have peace of mind all season long---no matter how much snow and ice falls.

SNOW CAN BE RELENTLESS. We maintain two shifts of crews and management to offer service all night and all day.

SNOW CAUSES CHAOS. Our paperless digital system keeps you up-to-date and our crews informed with each specific detail for each site. We practice, we prepare, we train. 

SNOW CAN SHUT DOWN BUSINESS. We structure our staffing and our equipment for storms---not for easy two-inch snowfalls---so we can manage storms rather than be overwhelmed by them.  

SNOW CAUSES IRRITATION. This strong emotion illuminates the need for hiring a snow plow company that is focused on preparing systems and procedures for the best management of snow and ice.

Core Principles

Here at Sneller, our mission statement is: “To Develop People to be a Positive Influence in Their World.”  We really take this to heart, and this is what fuels the passion of our team. This is why we enjoy growing our business, to provide the opportunities that we are blessed with to more people.  The owners believe our mission and success is possible only with God’s blessing.  He has enabled us to operate a viable business since 1984.


The Success of Our Employees

At Sneller Snow & Grounds, we value our employees. We want to provide advancement to those who work for it, promote those who earn it, and compensate according to performance. We work to achieve a healthy profit to continue to provide for growth and opportunity. We provide an environment of respect and a community of coworkers who value hard work, high standards, and integrity. We believe family is a priority. We value time off to spend with family, to serve others, and for R&R. We pull together when it snows. We provide for days off when it doesn’t. This all results in a team whose enthusiasm and dedication to excellence is noticed and appreciated by our clients.

Relationships with Our Clients

Relationships based on trust are foundational to our corporate culture at Sneller Snow & Grounds. We work to earn that trust by learning what each client’s specific needs are, doing what we say we will do, and then communicating consistently about what we are doing. Our aim is to develop long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. This is accomplished through fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Thankfulness to God

Our mission and success are possible only with God’s blessing. He controls all things. He has enabled us to operate a viable business since 1984. The owners of this company will strive to do what is right and fair to show our thankfulness to Him.

Sneller's HIstory

Sneller has evolved through the years, but we've stayed committed to our core principles. We believe we are stronger than ever and well equipped to offer outstanding and reliable services to our customers. Here's a little walk down memory lane . . .


Duane Sneller founded Sneller’s Landscaping. For the first three years, we were a landscape design/build company, focusing exclusively on landscape design and installation.


We added our first Lawn Maintenance crew to help our clients maintain their beautiful landscapes. Upon graduating from the MSU Turfgrass Program, Jeff Sneller became the manager of our Lawn Maintenance division and began to grow and improve that division.


We began to offer snow shoveling services for sidewalks. We had two accounts and two shovelers, one of whom was Dan Sneller, our current Vice President.


We attended our first SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association) convention and began to become more interested in enhancing our snow and ice management division. Over the next few years, we began to focus more of our energy into improving our processes and developing this division of Sneller’s Landscaping.


Duane Sneller and Joyce Sneller, our founders, officially retired from Sneller’s Landscaping and sold their remaining shares to Jeff and Dan Sneller. At that point, we continued to increase our focus on our niche in the snow market.


Sneller’s Landscaping was ranked #80 in the Top 100 Snow Contractors by Snow Magazine, and we received the Excellence in Business Award from SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association). Since then, we have continued in our passion for continuous improvement of our business systems and client satisfaction.

Spring 2015

We added a DBA for our snow division. After 31 years of growth in snow and ice management, Sneller’s Landscaping is now doing business as Sneller Snow & Grounds.


Our focus is snow, twelve months a year. Our growth has been in snow because our passion is snow. We are not a landscape company that does snow out of necessity in the off-season. We are a snow company. Our new name---Sneller Snow & Grounds---more accurately reflects this.