Are you concerned about slip and fall injuries on your property? Would you benefit from better communication? Do you feel that your expectations are being met? Our unique approach to snow and ice management, landscape and grounds maintenance, and proactive communication enable us to produce consistent satisfaction and remove surprises and stress from your life.

Commercial Grounds Management

Our systematic approach to landscaping enables us to deliver consistent quality and continued improvements to all aspects of our landscaping services.

Commercial Snow Management

We have the expertise to handle any size medical, retail, industrial, or other commercial snow plowing project.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We aim to provide our clients with peace of mind during extreme weather conditions. We achieve this mission through innovative systems and the spirit and integrity of our people.


Why Choose Us

Our History

Sneller has the resources and experience to manage the risk of Michigan winters for your business in the Grand Rapids and Lansing areas. Sneller has evolved through the years, but we’ve remained committed to our core principles. We believe we are stronger than ever,  and we are well equipped to offer outstanding and reliable services to our customers.

Make your Michigan business Safer and more Appealing

Our Clients Say



Here at Sneller, our passion is: “To develop people to be a positive influence in their world”. We really take this to heart, and this is what fuels the passion of our team. This is why we enjoy growing our business, to provide the opportunities that we are blessed with to more people. The owners believe our mission and success is possible only with God’s blessing. He has enabled us to operate a viable business since 1984. The owners of this company will strive to do what is right and fair to show our thankfulness to Him. We offer a unique opportunity for growth, ongoing professional training and coaching, combined with a culture that is consistently drawing in high caliber talent.