Snow Relocation

Why Snow Relocation Should Be Part of Your Grand Rapids Snow Plowing Plan

If you live in Grand Rapids or Lansing, you don’t need me to tell you that Michigan winters are unpredictable. And if you are a commercial property owner, it’s important to plan ahead for whatever may be in store for winter in 2015-16. If you look around come January or February, you’ll usually notice large amounts of snow can accumulate, causing a number of dangerous situations. These can be mitigated by investing in a snow relocation or snow hauling services. Snow relocation is ideal for properties without a lot of space or where snow accumulation creates hazardous conditions or blocks visibility.

As snow piles continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to clear paths, sidewalks, and parking lots. This condition can cause potential liability issues if someone slips and hurts themselves while on your property or an accident occurs due to a lack of visibilty. Removing the snow to another location keeps these hazards under control. It also allows you to maximize your space. Instead of reserving sections of your lot for snow storage, it can be used for its rightful purpose instead – for customers, employees and vendors coming to your business.

Another advantage of snow relocation is the lessening of effects from a harsh winter on your property. Large snow piles can wreak havoc on grass and landscaping when the spring thaw arrives, resulting in expensive landscaping repairs and revitalization. Planning for snow relocation during storms or heavy snowfall periods will help prevent these unnecessary burdens and costs.

Whether you choose on site snow relocation or off site snow removal, it’s important to have a snow clearing professional prepared to assist you in maintaining your property with ample equipment suited for your specific needs. Contact us and Sneller Snow & Grounds to learn how we can help. We will make sure you are prepared for the Grand Rapids snow season!

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