Why identify a professional snow and ice maintenance company in Lansing, MI.

Snow Sneller Services is a leading snow and ice management company in Lansing Michigan and west Michigan, and we want to share our knowledge and expertise about Michigan winters with you. Our company has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and even though snow and ice forecasts may be low in your area, it important to understand to identify and sign on with a professional snow and ice management company to be prepared for winter weather.

Although snowfall in Lansing and surrounding areas may not be predicted to be heavy, Michigan weather can be unpredictable. Having the proper winter protocols in place will help eliminate risks associated with winter weather. As more snowfall heads our way, make sure you review these key points, and know why it’s important to schedule snow maintenance if you have not done so:

Increase Preparedness for Winter Storms

Lansing may not get as much snow as usual, but it’s inevitable it will snow in Michigan, possibly resulting in a few large storms throughout the winter season. Lansing, in general, tends to have extreme weather in the winter, so you should understand the area’s risks of weather-related incidents. The best way to protect your personal and commercial property is increase preparedness for snow and ice storms by calling a professional winter management company. In working with a professional to schedule services and create a winter protocol plan, you will be prepared for any unpredictable storm Michigan throws your way.

Create an Established Relationship

If you decide you would like to hire a snow and ice and management company in the middle of winter, you may be out of luck. Management companies are booked well in advance, and by the time winter weather rolls around, many companies are booked for their services. Because of this, it is important to begin conversations about snow and ice control before the winter season, so you can make sure a company can provide services for your property. By establishing a relationship with a snow and ice management company, winter weather will be easy to control and maintain when Michigan winter hits Lansing.

Prevent Unpredictable Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Especially if you are a business owner, it is important you take the proper precautions to prevent winter slip-and-falls. Even a little snow and ice can make your sidewalks and driveways slick. A professional snow and ice management company knows how to manage winter weather and will proactively lay salt and sand on your property, so slip-and-fall accidents are extremely rare. Additionally, many snow and ice control companies carry liability insurance. If you are sued for slip-and-fall accident, companies with 9001 / SN 9001 certification will provide verifiable documentation to build a defense for a claim.

As more winter weather is on the way, contact Snow Sneller Services or read about our services online. With our experience, we know how to service Lansing and surround areas. We want to work with you to form a snow and ice management plan that helps with risk management.

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