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What to Look for in a Grand Rapids Snow Removal Company

There’s a lot of advice rolling around out there regarding what to look for in a good snow removal company. We’d like to offer our two cents in hopes that it helps you make a wise choice, especially if you have a business in Grand Rapids or Lansing, MI. So here are some Do’s and Don’ts for finding the best snow removal company.

Do look over the website carefully.

Although occasional mistakes happen to the best of us, if you see obvious signs of neglect on the website (clear errors, glaring typos, misinformation, outdated material), this could be a sign that the company does not keep on its toes.

Don’t make your decision based on the website alone.

That being said, a slick website does not ensure good service. While a well-run website makes a good first impression, it shouldn’t be the only impression. Immediately start researching and asking questions to see if the company can back up its claims.

Do read online reviews.

Be sure to do your homework. Websites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau are valuable tools to help you glean information about reputation and customer satisfaction.

Don’t let one negative review shape your decision.

Even the best businesses have had a few customers walk away less than satisfied. Unless you have personal, inside knowledge, don’t let the presence of one negative review influence you unduly.

Do take all factors into consideration.

Deals are important, but sometimes rates are lower because the company offers fewer services or does not ensure a quick response time. Price is an important consideration, but be sure to take all factors into account when making your decision, like certifications and years of experience.

Don’t consider a service that does not offer contracts.

Because a contract mediates expectations and holds both sides to an agreement, it’s important that you only consider snow removal companies that offer contracts.

Here at Sneller Snow & Grounds, we know how important it is to offer the best services at the best prices. We always offer contracts as well, so that our clients are assured of quality service. If you’re in the Grand Rapids or Lansing areas of Lower Michigan and looking to contract with a SN 9002 certified, proven leader in snow removal and ice management, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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