What Are Some Common Landscaping Problems Seen on Commercial Properties?

Maintaining a good appearance for your business often starts with the physical appearance of the property. When current or potential customers come to the office, you want them to think that the business is clean and professional. And if you have unruly landscaping, that’s not going to send a good message to visitors. There’s a reason why the landscaping services industry has grown by 5.8% over the past five years — people are realizing the increasing importance of well-maintained landscaping. So in this article, we’re going to explore a few common landscaping issues businesses face and what to do about them.

Overgrown trees: One of the biggest overlooked aspects of lawn maintenance is tree pruning. While a lot of business owners ensure their grass gets cut, the trees can often get neglected. But tree pruning is more than just trimming back overgrown tree branches — pruning is critical to help a young tree grow into a strong, healthy adult tree. If you fail to have trees properly pruned, the tree could end up growing distorted or even be more susceptible to diseases. So if you’re looking to keep the trees on your property healthy and beautiful, it’s important to hire commercial landscaping services for tree pruning.

Dead grass: There are a lot of factors that can result in dead grass. Too much shade, over-cutting, and standing water can all result in dead grass. And all companies should know that having yellow or brown dead grass on their property is not good for business. With that in mind, you should consider talking to local lawn maintenance specialists — they’ll be able to take a look at your property and figure out what’s going wrong. Whether you need less shade, decreased mowing, or new seeding, they’ll be able to help give you that bright green grass that you desire.

Poor drainage: Having proper drainage is important for all properties — without the right drainage system, you could deal with puddles and even flooding. Drainage problems could result in standing water in parking lots, on walkways, and in the grass. This is especially problematic come colder weather because water turns into ice, which can cause some dangerous walking conditions. So if you’re noticing water building up on your property, you need to have your drainage system looked at. With the right commercial landscaping management, you’ll be able to have the water properly drained from your property.

Hopefully, this article has explained some common landscaping issues found on commercial properties. Lawn maintenance should always be a top priority for business and property owners. Without the right lawn care, you could be dealing with not only unsightly grass and trees, but potential hazards as well. Overgrown trees, standing water, and fallen branches all pose an injury risk for both business employees and customers. So to ensure your landscaping is up to par, schedule regular lawn maintenance with a commercial landscaping company.

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