Use Your Commercial Landscape To Draw in Customers

Landscape management is more than just lawn maintenance and trimming the bushes. Professional landscaping services and design can help save you money and attract more customers. Think about it, for most people, the first impression they will have of your business is what they see when they are driving or walking past. Not only will good landscaping attract wandering eyes and help bring in new customers, it can also help set the tone to help promote sales.

Why Using Landscape Design to Draw Customers is Important

As mentioned before, landscaping is often the first impression a customer or client will have with your business. First impressions are critical, and just as people judge books by their covers, they will judge your business by its appearance. The appearance of your commercial landscape will give impressions to customers about how much or how little you care. Are there weeds in the planters and flower boxes? Are the flowers wilted? How does the grass look? Is it trimmed and edged well? The list goes on and on. The vast majority of Americans think that having a yard is important, and those that have yards are all in agreement that having a well-maintained yard is very important. They think the same about your business. The way you keep your yard is a reflection of yourself.

In addition to giving a great first impression, good commercial landscaping can also set the tone for a business with both new and existing customers. The style choices you make with landscaping tells customers what type of business you are. Traditional landscapes signal something different about your business identity than a more contemporary look and design. Make sure your landscaping and landscape maintenance is conveying the message you want to new customers and passersby throughout the day.

Tips for Great Commercial Landscape Design and Maintenance

Entertain at the Entrance: Perhaps the most important aspect of landscaping for commercial buildings is the entrance. The entrance to the building should be inviting and appealing. Additionally, it is important to make it obvious where the entrance is. This is especially important for buildings that have multiple doors leading in and out. Create an organized and unique pathway to help attract customers into the building.

Be Particular with the Plants: Plants help add variety and color to your landscape choices. If possible, consider using shrubs and other plants to display your company name or logo. Perennial flowers work very well for this as they can come in a variety of different colors. Bright colored plants and flowers are very eye-catching and can help attract new customers to your doors. Additionally, consider the architecture of your building when planting trees and shrubs. Make sure that the plants match the style and feel of the building.

Make Use of Furniture: Outdoor furniture serves two purposes for commercial landscapes. First, it creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. This is, of course, important as it helps draw people into the business. However, the other benefit of having outdoor furniture is that it gets people to come and stay on your business property for extended periods of time, increasing the likelihood they visit and start shopping. For spring and summer, consider having areas with nice shade and places to sit. During the fall and winter, a barrier from wind, rain, and snow, can be a great way to invite people to stick around.

Lighting: Lighting is one of the more forgotten parts of great landscaping. Of course, during the day, the sun illuminates everything just fine. However during the evening and night, without great lighting, nobody can see your business or your beautiful landscaping. Additionally, light, like outdoor furniture, attracts people to come because it makes the area more inviting and safe.

Hardscapes and Other Features: Consider using other decorative features such as statues, water fountains, and stones. This will help add diversity to your landscape and create a unique feel for customers.

Finally, remember that landscaping isn’t a one-time investment. A recent survey of landscaping companies found that 33% reported landscape maintenance as their fastest growing service. Especially during the changing of the seasons, it’s important to maintain your commercial landscaping. Unfortunately, that’s a step that many property managers forget.