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Types of Snow Removal Services in Grand Rapids – Beyond Snow Plowing

Business owners living in the Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan areas understand the importance of hiring a competent snow removal expert. However, there are many types of snow removal services in Grand Rapids in addition to snow plowing. Some of these may be hard to distinguish or may not see relevant. Let’s take a look…

Here are six services provided by only the best snow removal services in Grand Rapids:

  1. Commercial Snow Plowing Services
  2. Snow Relocation and Hauling Services
  3. Custom Ice Management and Deicing Services
  4. Sidewalk Snow Removal and Shoveling Services
  5. Michigan Weather Monitoring
  6. Proactive Client Communications

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The ideal snow removal company will have the expertise to handle any size commercial snow plowing project. The project begins with a full property analysis and discussion with the owners about their specific snow removal needs. And by offering services beyond snow plowing, you can rest assured that the company you hire can handle any snow or ice event.

Snow Relocation and Hauling Services

The perfect example of a vital snow removal service that you may not have initially considered is snow relocation. Typically Grand Rapids is on the list of 10 snowiest US cities, with an average snowfall at about 75 inches per year in Grand Rapids alone. So if you have a business in this area, you’re probably going to end up with snow piles on your property. Piles of snow can reduce visibility, take up valuable parking space, exceed weight limits on parking decks and cause all kinds of dangerous situations. The right snow removal company will have snow relocation and snow hauling equipment and the experience necessary to remove and relocate these piles of snow from your location.

Custom Ice Management and Deicing Services

It is important that a snow plowing company has the right certifications, equipment and supplies to provide safety and risk management services for ice management and deicing. Sprinkling rock salt on surfaces is not the answer to everything. Each Michigan snow and ice storm needs a different ice management approach based on the temperatures, humidity, current surface conditions and more. The best snow removal companies manage ice before, during and after the storm using custom blends of liquids and granular products as needed. Avoid companies that have a “one size fits all” mentality about ice management.

Sidewalk Snow Removal and Shoveling Services

A good snow and ice removal service knows how to keep snow off the sidewalks to protect clients, customers and employees from falling. The most concentrated volume of pedestrian traffic is held on your sidewalks and walkways. Plus how you maintain these heavily used areas makes a big impression about your concern for your business and for those who visit. That’s why the best snow removal services in Grand Rapids include back-to-back shifts of sidewalk snow removal services. Continuous snow clearing is essential on these busy surfaces!

Michigan Weather Monitoring

Business owners should not be taken by surprise when winter storms approach.  A good snow removal company will keep an eye on the weather 24/7 and be ready for action at a moment’s notice. It also helps to track weather history to better predict upcoming weather and track trends. The best snow removal contractors use a wide variety of radars, forecasts, weather apps, discussions, and graphs to monitor weather systems, pavement temperatures, and freeze/thaw cycles.

Proactive Client Communications

Excellent communications between the snow removal company and the client is what keeps things running smoothly. By providing proactive client communications and updates during winter storms, the company is able to go about its business seamlessly, and can, at any time, track the snow removal progress via online communications systems.

If you manage a business or property  in the Grand Rapids/ Lansing Michigan areas, please contact us at your earliest convenience to talk about your snow removal needs. Sneller Snow & Grounds is ISO 9001 certified and has what it takes to get the job done!

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