Cracked Asphalt needs repair for winter snow removal services

Summer Property Fixes for the Best MI Snow Removal Surfaces

The summer is in full swing which makes it the ideal time to begin updates to surfaces for the best winter snow removal surfaces. Sneller Snow & Grounds in Grand Rapids works year-round to ensure Michigan businesses are ready to handle the upcoming winter snow. It is important to conduct these inspections during the summer when the ground is clear of snow and a proper assessment can determine what repairs are necessary. So here are vital summer property fixes for the best MI snow removal services this year.


The winter weather can have harsh effects on asphalt and concrete as a result of the surface freezing and thawing cycles. It is important to repair erosion and cracks in the surface before snowfall to not only prevent cracks from expanding, but to also allow for effective snow plowing when needed.

Mudjacking is often used to lift sunken surfaces and make them level. During this repair process, cement, water, and dirt are combined to fill voids under sinking concrete. Such repairs are imperative for uneven and cracked surfaces before water from snow and melted ice can get into them causing further damage.

Drainage Issues

Drain maintenance is probably one of the last things thought about during the summer. However, the summer is the ideal time to have repairs and maintenance work completed. The work can be completed quickly and without the risk of disruption from the winter weather. Drainage inspections that should take place during the summer include:

  • Damage from winter freezing
  • Blockages in the pipes
  • Debris accumulation
  • Assurance that drain pipework is well maintained

Without these repairs, you leave your business at risk of longer term problems that can cause interruptions and/or damage to your Michigan business.

To save yourself the headache and stress of dealing with surface issues in the winter, let us help you prepare early. If you have questions about preparing for better snow removal surfaces in the Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI area, please contact us online or call 616-868-4900 today! We would even be happy to inspect your property and give you a free quote on Michigan snow removal services!

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