Snow Safety: Why 3 Different Kinds Of Snow Plows Exist

As winter slams into us with full force, we become increasingly dependent on snow removal services. Whether you’re trying to get out of your driveway or simply manage the morning traffic, snow removal services are crucial to a safe and efficient trip.

Have you ever — either on your daily route to work, or as you’re peering out your office window — seen the variations in snow plows and wondered just why that snow removal company needs more than one kind? The difference lies in workload management; plows can become fatigued and may even break down if they’re forced to tackle a storm that is too much to handle. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Straight Plows: When you picture a snow plow, chances are you’re imagining a straight plow. This equipment is used to angle snow away from buildings and toward the perimeter, hence why they’re the ones typically used on highways and parking lots. The operator angles the blade away from the building so the snow can be pushed completely out of the way.


  • V-Plows: These plows are generally used to make an initial breakthrough. Snow storms can vary in composition and severity: freezing rain on top of snow can compact it, and wet snow (when the temperature is hovering between freezing and not) is considerably heavier than dry, fluffy snow — six inches of wet snow is equal to the weight of around 38 inches of dry snow. V-plows are especially effective against this type of snowfall; operators set the blade for general, wide-path plowing or stacking, and then can use the scoop position to carry the snow away.


  • Pushers/Box/Containment Plows: Snow pushers on loaders, backhoes, or compact utility tractors allow operators to move large volumes of snow quickly and efficiently. This allows loaders to haul the snow away should the need arise.

Many home and business owners are forced to shovel their own walkways, plow their own lots, and make sure the entire area is safe for foot traffic. However, when a sudden snow storm arises (the probability of which is always high), it’s almost impossible to manage it all on your own. Employing commercial snow removal services is a solution that pays for itself, both in time and headaches.

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