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Should My Sidewalk Snow Removal Services Shovel by Hand or Use a Snow Blower?

It’s here. The warm temperatures we have enjoyed all summer are dropping off, and the air is taking on that crisp cool feeling of fall here in Michigan. Which means, of course, that the first big snow is really just around the corner. In fact, it’s already peeking it’s head at us and could strike at any moment! So as you are making plans for how to keep your business open and your customers safe during all the big Michigan snow storms this year, perhaps you’ve wondered about the best snow removal techniques and if your snow removal contractor is using them…

For instance, you might be asking yourself:

Should my sidewalk snow removal services be shoveling by hand or using a machine?

The answer is a little complicated. It really depends on the size of the area you need maintained and the conditions of the snow fall. Larger areas justify the use of machines, rather than hand shoveling. A machine can save time and money in the right circumstances if you have a lot of snow that needs to be cleared. However, if a Michigan storm produces a lot of ice, you may need that ice to be cleared by hand as it is also managed with custom ice removal services for the best results.

Don’t settle for a Michigan snow and ice management company that can only offer you one service or the other. Find a company that offers both machine clearing and hand shoveling services depending on the situation. This way, they can make a professional decision on the most efficient way to remove the snow for each storm that comes. Your needs are unique and each storm is vastly difference – you don’t want to settle for a “one size fits all” approach.

You might be tempted to have one of your employees shovel sidewalks by hand, but there are many reasons that this is not a good idea. The first of course is that a good snow removal contractor can address snow and ice issues 24 hours a day, never letting the snow and ice build up to a dangerous level, while your employees are only available during business hours.

Another reason to let professionals handle your snow removal is that they have received the proper safety training, and have access to the right equipment. Plus a professional snow removal service, like Sneller Snow & Grounds, can use a custom blend of deicing materials and can also relocate or completely remove the snow from the premises, all while carrying full insurance. Sneller also operates on an ISO 9001 / SN 9001 Certified Quality Management System, so you can rest assured you are receiving experienced and rigorously tested processes and services.

If your business is in the Grand Rapids, MI or Lansing, MI region, please contact us to receive a free quote for your specific snow removal needs.

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