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Reduce Liability and Improve Risk Management with These Winter Tips for Michigan Businesses

If you are a Michigan business owner, your liability increases during the winter months, when people are most likely to slip and fall on snow and ice. There are several things you can do to reduce liability and improve risk management with these commercial property maintenance tips for winter that can be used by anyone to make their facility safer whether they are located in Michigan or anywhere in the world!

Basic Property Maintenance

Performing some basic property maintenance will help prevent debris from getting onto your sidewalks, driveways and walkways. Keeping debris off these areas is important, since leaves and twigs could be especially hazardous when covered with snow. Some maintenance tasks you should take care of before winter hits includes:

  • Cleaning gutters
  • Clearing water drainage areas
  • Trimming trees
  • Disposing of leaves

You should also inspect your sidewalks for cracks, sinking and heaving, then make any necessary repairs before winter strikes. Sidewalks with cracks, missing sections or crumbling mortar can become especially difficult to walk on when covered with a thin layer of ice.

Next, check outdoor lighting to see that it is working properly, and change burnt-out light bulbs as needed.

It’s also vital to check your water drainage and areas of water retention to be sure you have proper irrigation and grading so melting ice doesn’t pool in dangerous areas.

Interior Maintenance

Certain maintenance tasks should also be performed inside your building in order to prepare for winter storms. Don’t forget to:

  • Remove clutter from your entryways
  • Place a rug near your front entrance so that any snow tracked in can easily be contained
  • Check emergency lighting systems to ensure they are working properly
  • Place a bucket of sand, salt or other ice-melting material near your front door so it will be easily accessible when needed
  • Perform a check of any emergency warning systems your business may have

After performing all these maintenance tasks, your next step should be to contact us if you are located in the Grand Rapids or Lansing, Michigan regions. That way, you’ll have professional snow and ice management services in place throughout the winter. We have an ISO 9001 certified management system in place to be sure your property is safe for customers and employees 24/7 all winter long. With Sneller Snow & Grounds, you won’t have to worry about liability during the harsh Michigan winter that is to come!

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