Michigan Snow Removal Law of Averages & Risk Management

You’ll often hear meteorologists and others associated with studying the weather talk about average snowfalls. This is good information to have, but in order to really understand the nature of averages and risk assessment, you have to dig a little deeper into the data. Let’s explore Michigan Snow Removal law of averages and risk management to help you be better prepared for winter snow!

Grand Rapids Snow

As an example, average yearly snowfall in Grand Rapids is 74.9 inches. This is data collected from 1981 to 2010 at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

25% of the snowfall in December totals over 27.8 inches of snow, meaning 1 in 4 years will have December totals of over 27.8”. Yet 25% of Decembers also total only 11.2 inches or less for the month. That’s a wide variance. But let’s drill down a bit further.

Nearly half of the days with snowfall in the area create less than an inch of snow, leaving around 23 days with snowfall over an inch. Snowstorms over five inches occur three or four times a year, while snowfall of ten inches or more is a rare event, not occurring every year.

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Lansing Snow

Data for Lansing is similar, but with an average of only 51 inches per year. 25% of December snowfall totals receive over 16 inches, while the lowest 25% see less than 8.2 inches during the month. Snowstorms over five inches occur on average once a year, while storms of over ten inches are rare events.

This data points toward a need for risk management. As a business owner, you need to keep your customers and employees safe from falls on ice or snow. Every year more than one million Americans seek ER treatment for accidental falls, many of those on slick winter surfaces. You must also protect your business from lawsuits resulting from falls on your business property and ancillary areas such as parking lots.

Michigan Snow Removal Services

This is the reason you need professional snow and ice removal by a reputable & certified Grand Rapids and Lansing Snow Removal company that takes snow and ice management seriously. You can’t plan for a high level of snowfall with any degree of certainty. You are essentially playing the law of averages, and while averages are accurate over the long haul, your business’ snow removal crisis has to be dealt with today.

Let Sneller Snow & Grounds manage the risk of large snowfall and/or ice created by cold temperatures for you. We provide comprehensive services, including snow plowing, snow removal and hauling, deicing and ice management, and sidewalk snow removal. We also provide outstanding communication regarding the weather, conditions at your site, and what services were provided. We are SN 9001 certified, and we can provide you with the necessary documentation regarding services provided and conditions to defend your business in slip and fall lawsuits. Contact us for a snow removal plan that fits your business needs.

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