Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Your Lawn

Having a well-kept lawn in front of your business can dramatically increase your curb appeal and customer appearance. In fact, it’s so important that nearly 90% of real estate agents encourage businesses and homeowners to invest in landscaping prior to selling. However, regularly taking care of your lawn, garden, and other landscaping features can be exhausting. Use these ideas as inspiration for ways to update your lawn for lower-maintenance landscaping.

Alternative Plant Options

Not all “lawns” have to be the traditional, boring green grass. Plenty of other plant alternatives are out there that can still look amazing as your lawn. For a pollinator-friendly lawn with little lawn maintenance necessary, for example, try clover – this option won’t grow to the same height as many lawns, meaning you’ll have to worry about mowing less frequently. Be sure to check with your local homeowner’s association to see what plants you’re able to use.

A Little Less Greenery

Worried about conserving water with your lawn? Consider an alternative to greenery entirely with a rock garden or similar stonework. These can be a great option for commercial landscaping or in areas where you might not get as much regular rain or water access. The right landscape remodeling services will be able to help you find the best place for this feature in your yard.

Planting Perennials

If planting your garden every year has started to become too big of a hassle or chore, try picking out plants that are guaranteed to come back year after year. Prioritizing perennials when planning your garden can help you avoid work later on, while still giving you a gorgeous garden every growing season.

Remember Outside Resources

If you love the look of a more high-maintenance lawn but can’t find the time to take care of it, it might be time to look to some outside help. You don’t necessarily have to take care of your lawn entirely on your own. Hiring reliable landscaping services to help you take care of your yard and garden can give you a gorgeous exterior to your home while saving you the time and effort it takes to care for it. For more information on reliable landscaping services, contact Sneller Snow and Grounds today.