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Landscaping Grand Rapids, Michigan

For over three decades we have been landscaping Grand Rapids commercial properties.  Whether you have a retail facility, manufacturing facility, rental properties, or even a home owner’s association, you can expect expert and professional service to meet your needs.

Our trained staff helps you look good through how we keep your property, but our service goes beyond just the landscaping.  Expect uniformed, polite employees who know your reputation is on the line as well as our own.  We will take care of your property as if it were a “showcase” landscaping property as we do for all our clients, knowing people will make assumptions about the inside of your business based on what your business looks like from the outside.

We currently serve a large number of commercial clients, everything from hospitals to shopping malls to homeowners’ associations.  Our extremely high retention rate of Grand Rapids Landscaping clients is a testimony to the high quality of service we provide at competitive pricing.

We specialize in snow removal and lawn care, but we have experience in every area of landscaping and can handle any of your needs.  As we said earlier, we have been landscaping Grand Rapids businesses for over three decades.  We have specialized in serving commercial clients because we know your needs are different from the average home owner, and our passion is to be the best at meeting your needs as a business.

We understand your landscaping not only needs to “sell” your business, but landscaping and snow removal is part of ensuring the safety of your clients and employees.  We also know you don’t want to play babysitter with your landscaping company.  Therefore, we proactively provide status updates about our work on your property documenting everything thoroughly.

Our documentation is extremely important to reduce your risk of unnecessary slip and fall lawsuits in the wintertime.  Sneller Snow & Grounds is one of the few snow removal companies in the country ISO 9001/SN9001 certified in snow removal processes so you can have high confidence we will not only complete the promised work to a high standard, but we will faithfully provide the documentation you need to stay protected from frivolous lawsuits.

To server you best, we have two locations in the Grand Rapids area.  Our main facilities are in Byron Center and we have a satellite location within the city limits of Grand Rapids (for dispatching crews only, if you want to “stop by” please visit our Byron Center address).

We look forward to hearing from you about a competitive quote for our services.  Feel free to give us a call at 616-868-4900.

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