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Landscaping a Perfect Pet Oasis

Landscape Management with Pets in Mind

Landscape Management with Pets in Mind

Commercial landscaping is constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends and ideas. In the last five years, the landscape management industry has grown by 5.8% and a small section of landscaping has dedicated itself to accommodating pets. Below are six things to consider in Michigan when landscaping your home with a pet.

  1. Two-in-One Designs: According to Turfmagazine.com, two-in-one designs are predicted to be one of the most popular trends installed by landscaping companies in 2019. People are wanting functionality hidden by beauty. When it comes to your pets, consider a water fountain doubling as a water bowl for your dog. Or, consider a waterfall with a pond large enough for dogs to jump inside and cool themselves off on a hot day.
  2. Hardscaping: Hardscaping reduces the amount of traditional landscape management that has to be done. A form of hard material like cement or stone is used in place of land. This becomes an advantage for dog owners concerned about urine spots or digging. Hardscaping reduces the amount of land dogs can tear apart.
  3. Mulch and Gravel: In addition to hardscaping, mulch and gravel can provide another alternative to commercial landscaping. Installing mulch or gravel is a way to significantly reduce urine spots and the need for lawn maintenance. Urine spots are burned areas in grass caused by the excess nitrogen in the dog’s urine. The spots are unsightly and difficult to manage, but providing a dedicated area of mulch or gravel can train the dog to take care of business there instead of on the lawn.
  4. Shade: For pets who like to constantly be outside, shade is important in the summertime. Even in the snowiest of cities, the sun can still be scorching in the summers, but commercial landscaping can implement trees, bushes, and shrubs to provide some degree of protection from the elements. This falls into the category of a two-in-one design as well and provides perfect hiding spots for animals who want to observe the outside without being seen. If you want to step it up, this can be the perfect reason to install a pergola or a canopy of vines providing protection to both the pets and yourself.
  5. Plants: To keep pets healthy and happy, careful attention needs to be made about what kinds of plants are being used in landscape management. The Michigan Animal Hospital lists Oleander, Yew, and Lilies as some of the most common types of toxic plants. Plants that have needles, barbs, and thorns should also be avoided to decrease the risk of injury if pets run around or play in the yard.
  6. Building Material: Just like with plants, the materials used should be nontoxic to pets. If you plan to mulch, you need to identify what is in the mulch. Often times, the safest place to obtain mulch is from a local store. Any weed control chemicals or cleaners landscape management companies might use should also be evaluated for toxicity.

With careful planning and consideration, a commercial landscaping company can provide a small oasis for both you and your pets. Not only should landscaping be attractive, it should also be suitable and useful for any of your furry friends.