Landscape Design: 3 Components Businesses Should Keep in Mind

Businesses have to put a lot of effort into the first impressions they make with potential clients or partners. And while many efforts are focused on providing good customer service and talking about industry knowledge and experience, the physical aspect of the business matters, too. If a potential client or partner visits the business office, they should see a well-maintained and professional building — and this includes landscaping. With the landscaping services industry bringing in a revenue of $84 billion in 2017 alone, it’s clear that more and more businesses are investing in landscaping management. So if you’re considering commercial landscaping services, here are a few key landscape design elements to keep in mind.

Maintain Balance

One of the most important elements in any type of design is balance. This is especially true in landscaping, where you have several different aspects, like trees and plants, of varying sizes and colors. Every part of your landscape design should complement the other parts, which will bring the whole design together. Balance can be achieved in a few different ways. One way is to have a symmetrical design and have the same number and type of plants on either side of the building, doorway, or walkway. Another way to achieve balance is to have a good mixture of tall and short plants or trees, as having too many items of the same size can look cluttered. All in all, make sure you keep balance in mind.

Have a Focal Point

Every good landscape design has a focal point. A focal point is important because it brings viewers’ attention to one spot and then allows their view to carry on throughout the rest of the design naturally. Some great examples of focal points include fountains, statues, or even a large tree. Your landscaping should be designed with this focal point in mind so the other elements throughout the area can complement the focal point. And don’t forget, in big areas it’s okay to have more than one focal point to keep viewers’ attention moving throughout the area. Work with your landscaping management company to choose the right focal point for your space.

Keep it Simple

Landscaping can include several different components, like trees, flowers, fountains, lighting, and even hardscaping. And while there are endless options to choose from, it’s important to not go overboard. Your landscaping company will encourage you to keep your design simple — too much of a good thing ends up being worse. If you have too many different elements, it can be too busy and overwhelming. Instead, keep it simple and clean. Choose a few different colors, plants, and trees to work with and repeat them throughout the design to avoid creating a chaotic area.

Investing in landscaping management and design is important for every business. Without landscaping help, companies may have a boring, unmaintained outdoor area, which is bad for business. So when you’re working with your landscaping company, keep these elements in mind to ensure you choose the best landscape design possible.