How to Choose a Landscape Company

Commercial Lawn Care Services

Overgrown plants, outdated landscapes, and unsightly weeds can dampen the curbside appeal of our business. Landscaping services and lawn maintenance are becoming popular routine services to help companies outsource their everyday lawn maintenance without hiring full time employees. In 2016, 33% of commercial landscape management companies report landscape maintenance alone is their fastest growing service. The industry as a whole brought in a total revenue of about $84 billion in 2017.

Many commercial lawn care services are versatile and offer more than a quick trim around the business property. A landscape company can assist in mulching, weed control, pruning, general Spring and Fall clean-up, and even complete landscape remodeling. No matter the degree of work you’re looking to have done, it is important to find a commercial landscape management company able and willing to meet your yard and landscape needs.

What Makes a Quality Commercial Landscape Management Company?

  1. Project Size: Have a generalized idea of what you want and an even more definite projection of how big your project will be. Simple lawn care maintenance is different than a full landscape remodel project. When you are ready to speak with a commercial landscape management company, it will help both parties understand the intent as well as an estimated price.
  2. Ask Around: If you’re in the market for a commercial landscape management company, ask friends and family. Also pay attention to the places you go and the community you are a part of. If you see a yard design that intrigues you, find out who the designer was and contact the same landscape company.
  3. Research: Even after you have asked around, research commercial landscape management names online. See what kind of reputation they currently hold. You should be able to read reviews and view examples of their previous work.
  4. Insurance: When speaking to a landscape company, make sure to question their insurance policies. Landscaping typically requires large machinery and sharp tools. Risk and liability should be covered by the company. Policies can differ so it is imperative to understand the details while workers are landscaping on your property.
  5. Timeline and Sketch: Be upfront about a timeline for when you want your landscape done. The company should be honest in their availability to complete a project and once that is known, the most opportune time to begin work can be established. Also request a sketch of the design and measurements to verify it is the look you want. It will help keep everyone on the same page and serve as a reference point later on if something goes awry.
  6. Specialties: If a commercial landscape management company specializes in specific services, this could be a strong indication of a commitment to the industry. It demonstrates a particular interest in the company and an investment to their clientele. This is more beneficial if it is a specific service you are looking for. Make sure to ask the necessary logistical questions, but inquire about the companies’ greatest strengths as well.
  7. Customer Service: While you are asking the landscape company these questions, evaluate how they are responding. Do they seem receptive to your questions and concerns? They should be friendly, matter of fact, and openly honest with the information they provide about their commercial lawn care services. They should be understanding and easy to work with.

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