How Deicing & Ice Melt Products Work

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May 20, 2016
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How Deicing & Ice Melt Products Work

Snow Ice Melt

Deicing and ice management are important components of your snow removal and winter management plan, especially if you have a business located in Lansing or Grand Rapids MI where we’re located. Snow can be removed, but the result can still be a slick walkway or parking lot due to post-plowing conditions, freezing rain or re-freezing of moisture left on cleared surfaces.

Deicing refers to the use of either liquid or solid products, but in reality liquid deicers actually prevent or greatly slow the formation of a bond between snow or ice and the pavement. These products are most effective when applied before the actual weather event, with periodic applications during storms to boost its effectiveness.

Solid deicers work by lowering the freezing point of water, creating a brine with the product that bores through snow and ice and breaks the bond between ice and the pavement. Have questions about this? Contact us!

Refreezing occurs when the melted ice or snow dilutes the deicing product to the point where it allows the water to freeze again. Rock salt will melt ice to around 15 degrees, but when the temperature goes down again the remaining moisture can refreeze. The increased freeze/thaw cycle is harder on surfaces like concrete. Even though a deicer with a lower refreezing point may be a more expensive product, it will probably require less product to melt and control ice and fewer applications, resulting in fewer man hours and lower costs.

Refreezing is also dependent on factors such as surface temperature, product concentration and air temperature, and these variables should be closely monitored to determine the necessity and timing of reapplying deicing products. Sneller Snow & Grounds provides that monitoring, closely watching weather system, surface temperatures, and freeze/thaw cycles in the Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan areas. Contact us to discuss your ice management and snow removal needs if you have a commercial property in our region.