Remote Control Snow Plow - RC Snowplow

Homemade Snow Removal Solutions Best Left Untried

Unlike us at Sneller Snow & Grounds in Grand Rapids, MI, most people groan when they realize that winter is coming. Snow and its solidified evil cousin, ice, cause hazardous conditions, safety concerns, and are downright inconvenient to have to deal with for several months in a row. However, the war against winter will never end, leading some people to MacGyver impressive tricks and creative ways to keep battling on instead of just letting experts like us tackle snow with ease… Kind of like the folks going to extraordinary measures in these videos:

Building your own metal snow plow for under $10 (minivan not included – but based on the sound of the engine it might not add much to the price!):

Or souping up a remote control car to plow snow for you if you want to stand outside for hours waiting for the mini-plow to get the job done:

And then there’s always building a wooden plow for your mower in all your spare time:

… Or you could leave your snow removal up to the professionals.

When most people are cringing, those of us here at Sneller Snow & Grounds get pumped up. We work year-round to prepare for the upcoming snow season, learning from the previous season, upgrading and maintaining our commercial equipment and helping our customers prepare in advance for intense Michigan winters. With over 30 years experience and ISO 9001 certification, we have the kind of knowledge and reliability that puts all of your snow-related worries to rest. Since our services are both preventative and proactive, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let winter get the best of your business. Keep the safety and accessibility of your customers, employees, and residents at the top of your priority list with the expert guidance of Sneller Snow & Grounds.

Winter will be here before you know it–are you ready? We are. Contact us today to find out what kind of winter maintenance and preventative measures you need to keep your business safer and stress-free. We’ll design a custom snow removal plan just for your business!

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