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Focusing on Grand Rapids Snow Removal All Summer Too

Now that spring is here (maybe!) you might think that a Grand Rapids snow removal company would be kicking back. Many snow removal companies are really landscaping companies who make use of their labor and equipment to do snow removal in the off-season. Sneller Snow & Grounds is just the opposite. We provide some landscaping services during the warmer months, but we keep planning and improving our systems for snow removal throughout the year.

How serious are we? Sneller Snow & Grounds was the 12th snow removal service in the world to earn ISO 9001 and SN 9001 certification, which is a system of quality management that is specific to the snow removal industry.

Why is this important to you, as a business owner?

  • Our record keeping system provides the necessary paper trail to reduce your exposure to litigation in slip and fall accidents. Without the proper documentation that ISO certified processes are required to maintain, tens of thousands of slip and fall cases are lost or settled by property owners each year.
  • We evaluate and improve our processes constantly based on performance in the field.
  • A third party regularly audits our processes and their improvement.
  • It takes snow removal off your hands and puts it in the hands of certified experts who focus on that job.
  • It keeps your employees doing what they need to do for your business and decreases risk of employee injury and workman’s compensation claims.

So what are we doing here at Sneller Snow & Grounds to plan for winter 2017?

Here are a few of the things we’re looking at:

  • Several of us are traveling the country this summer to various training and networking events. We regularly network with other leaders in the snow industry to learn from each other on how to raise the bar even more.
  • We are always evaluating what goes great, and where we can improve for our clients and our team. Summer is a great time to improve our processes to implement these improvements as we plan and grow for next winter.
  • Planning and improving for growth. As we continue to serve more clients, we need to look down the road to anticipate where growth pains could arise. We identify those concerns before they become problems, and implement structural improvements to avoid them, making life easier for our clients and ourselves.

As a business owner, you don’t want to assume unnecessary levels of risk. There’s plenty of risk inherent in any business venture. Don’t let snow and ice be one of them. Contact us for a customized plan that meets your Lansing or Grand Rapids snow removal and ice management needs.

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