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Different Options for Ice Management and Ice Melt in Michigan

With the cold winters in Michigan, ice management is important for avoiding hazardous conditions that cause slip and fall injuries. Whether you have a small business or large corporation, the need for custom ice removal solutions is a must. The problem is that most companies don’t take a customized approach to ice control depending on the current and forecasted conditions. At Sneller Snow & Grounds, we understand all ice melts are not equal and they do not work effectively for every situation. Often times a custom blend is needed. The following list will give you some insight as to the industry standard options for ice control used by a reliable snow removal and ice management company.

Calcium Chloride Pellets:

Melts ice quickly, up to 3 times faster than other ice melt choices. Calcium Chloride pellets primarily uses heat to eliminate ice and snow. Pellets also bore into the snow and ice, helping to break loose tough ice at the surface.

Calcium Chloride Flakes:

A good choice for sloping areas and in instances with high winds, which may push off the smaller pellet blends. Flakes are also good for large areas as they cover more surface area. Mixing ice melts are easier with Flakes and can provide a flat surface cover along with a pellet for stronger snow fighting capability.

Calcium Chloride ComboTherm:

Combines the benefits of the pellet heat with color indication to quickly melt snow and ice on an economical budget. This brand has the highest component of calcium chloride, combined with other salts to decrease melting time. Therefore, this ice melt combines the benefits of other leading ice melt brands into one solution.

Magnesium Pellets and Pastilles:

Melts snow and ice down to -13 degrees and work well with spreaders. Also less damaging and safer for people, pets, and plants. Magnesium pellets and pastilles can be used on the surfaces before snow and ice arrives to increase snow and ice melting capacity at the surface level.

Hot Melts:

Combination of Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride which provides longer acting capacity and removes snow and ice at lower temperatures than other leading melt solutions. Hot melts are specifically designed for sidewalk maintenance.

Safe N’ Sure:

Contains Sodium, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium Salts as well as Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) to allow snow and ice melting capabilities greater than other leading snow and ice removal solutions. Effective at temperatures as low as -25 degrees.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA):

This Chloride free ice melt can be a good choice in certain conditions, as this ice melt compares to the safety of tap water, making it the best solution for concrete and other surfaces. This is the product we recommend on parking decks and around aircraft, although we find it to be less effective and than the more common chloride blends.

Sodium Acetate (NaAc):

Safe from corrosion of surfaces while acting fast like Calcium Chloride. This is another option for a chloride free melting product when working around aircraft and parking decks.

For every situation there is a perfect custom solution to your snow and ice management. Looking for a professional to remove your snow and ice worries? Contact us at Sneller Snow & Grounds for more information on different options for ice management and how we take a custom approach to snow and ice management for our customers to reduce risk for their Michigan businesses.

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