Commercial Snow Removal in Grand Rapids, MI and 4 the questions you need to ask about your quote.

As we gear up for winter in Michigan, it’s time to start looking at your snow removal options in the Grand Rapids area. If you’re looking to contract out the your snow removal services, Sneller Snow & Grounds is a great option for your needs. With commercial snow plowing, removal and hauling services, we have a comprehensive service suite to offer clients in West Michigan.

Sneller Snow & Grounds has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we aim to deliver the best to our clients. We know how Michigan weather can be, and our top-notch equipment and team paired with our client communications and 24/7 monitoring allow us to leap-frog ahead of all other commercial snow removal companies in the Greater Grand Rapids area. If you’re in the process of receiving quotes from other businesses in the area, make sure to ask these questions:

What planning takes place before the winter season or a big storm?

When you sign a contract with a commercial snow removal company, the team will likely visit your site, even before any snow hits the ground. It’s important the company you contract with is willing to work with you and your property, so when a storm hits, you have a plan.

What priority is given to my needs?

Your new commercial snow removal company has many clients, and if the team is understaffed, some properties may get plowed late – or not at all. Talk to your company and ask how priority is given. If you have health concerns or special needs, let them know in advance, so you can be near-first on the list to service.

Does the price include client communications? What does this look like?

Sure, your snow removal service may tell you they’ll come around the day of a storm and plow, but what does that really mean? Ask your company if they have special services for client communications, so you can be in the know at all times of the day. At Sneller Snow & Grounds, it’s easy to know what we are up to, since we provide clients with streamlined communication and updates during a winter storm. You’ll be able to track our progress and neighborhood plan through our mobile platform with the click of a button.

How is my quote and cost calculated?

Cost varies on a number of factors, including market conditions, area and fuel costs. When a new company gives you a quote, ask them to break it down for you. You may even be able to lock in a more reasonable rate if you live in an area where there is a lot of snowfall, since the company can expect a certain amount of work. Also, make sure you ask if there is a maximum – or cap – to the services are provided, and if exceeded, what costs look like.

Need a quote? Contact our team or read more about our services online. We can’t wait to meet you and help with preparations for this coming winter.