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Avoid These Common Snow Shoveling Injuries This Winter

When it comes to snow removal, many people think they can handle the task themselves. But for commercial properties that have several, often large areas that need to be plowed trusting a snow removal company with the job is usually the better option. Business owners or property owners who tackle the snow removal process themselves can get seriously injured, ultimately doing more harm than good. So let’s take a look at a few common injuries caused by shoveling and how using a snow removal company can minimize the risk of injury.

Back injuries: Doing repetitive motions bent over can easily lead to back injuries. This is especially true when people underestimate the weight of the snow they’re trying to move. Dry, fluffy snow is much lighter than wet snow — six inches of wet snow is equal to about 38 inches of dry snow in weight. So when people are bent over and lifting with their backs, they can cause injury to their back. This is why a commercial snow removal company uses proper equipment and methods to ensure the job gets done without causing injuries.

Slip and fall injuries: Walking around on wet, slippery, snow-covered surfaces can be extremely dangerous, especially in places like large parking lots or sidewalks. Millions of people sustain injuries from slipping and falling every year. And slip and fall injuries can be serious, like head or spinal injuries. So instead of risking injury and trying to remove snow yourself, invest in snow removal services to prevent you and your employees from being injured by dangerous slippery conditions.

Strained muscles: Pulling, straining, or damaging muscles is all too common when it comes to shoveling snow. Muscles can be strained or injured several ways when it comes to removing snow — abrupt movements, repetitive motions, and falling can all put a strain on muscles, ultimately leading to injuries. Strained muscles can be extremely painful and can take quite a long time to fully heal. Fortunately, working with a snow removal company allows individuals to avoid having to shovel snow in the first place.

Snow removal companies have the necessary equipment and experience needed to properly and safely remove snow. So if you’re looking to avoid injury this winter, hire a commercial snow removal company to get the job done right.

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