8 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Landscaping Company

Studies show that 83 percent of Americans value a yard in their property, and 90% of those with a yard want it to be maintained regularly. Therefore, commercial landscape management services are always on high demand, especially from people with large commercial and residential properties. If you are one of the property owners in need of commercial landscape management services, here are some of the tips you can use to choose a landscaping company.

1. Landscaping Services Provided

One of the major problems that homeowners face when hiring for commercial landscape management services is having a perception that all landscaping companies provide the same services. Before making your final decision, you should make sure that your commercial landscapers offer the services that you need. Some of the commercial landscape management services offered by landscapers include landscape remodeling, maintenance, design, and landscape management. Choose the company that offers specialty landscaping services.

2. Sustainable Practices

Many people are interested in commercial landscape management services that are energy-efficient, water-saving, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious. Therefore, it is important to consider a company that incorporates sustainable practices in its landscaping services. Sustainable practices are more practical, which means that the company should demonstrate its environmental awareness through the materials and the land planning strategies it incorporates.

3. Industrial Experience

Before even calling a company for commercial landscape management services, make sure you check how long they have been in the industry. Avoid commercial landscape management companies that have been in the industry for less than three years. Stick to the experienced because they have consistently proven why they should be considered by being relevant in the industry for many years. Experienced companies might require you to pay a premium, but you are guaranteed of quality results.

4. Qualifications and Certifications

The landscaping sector is highly regulated by both the state and Federal governments. Any landscaping company must prove that its employees have the necessary training and certifications before it can be given operational licenses. You should ask the company to prove its qualifications and certifications. Any landscaping company that does not have operational licenses is operating in the sector illegally, and there is a high chance that its workers are not trained.

5. Landscaping Cost

Depending on the type of landscape services you want to be offered, you should check on the prices charged by various companies. Do away with the companies charging way below the market rates because they are likely to offer poor landscaping services. However, you do not have to pay abnormal costs for tree pruning and rock painting. You should make sure that you pay reasonable prices for quality landscaping services.

6. Liability Insurance

During landscaping activities, accidents are bound to happen, and you don’t want to be held liable. Therefore, you need to choose a company that has liability insurance. You want to make sure that you avoid responsibilities when an employee gets hurt by some of the properties in your compound. You should also make sure that the company has a worker’s compensation insurance so that they can compensate employees who get injured in the line of duty.

7. Equipment and Presentation

Commercial landscaping is a serious business that needs to be handled by equipped companies. Therefore, you have to make sure that you select a company that has the needed tools and equipment. With tractors and earth movers, you can be guaranteed that your land will be leveled with ease. Additionally, a company that has a good presentation in terms of uniforms and other brands speaks volumes about its services.