5 Commercial Landscaping Services Your Property Needs

During the past five years, the landscaping services industry in the United States showed 5.8% growth. In 2017 alone, the industry generated approximately $84 billion in revenue.

For business and commercial property owners who are considering hiring a professional commercial landscape management company, here are five examples of the services that are available to you, courtesy of Sneller Landscaping.

1. Remodeling your Current Landscaping.

Redesigning the landscaping that you already have in place entails removing any plants that are overgrown, creating a landscape that is easier to maintain, and adding plants in eye-catching colors.

This service also encompasses creating an environment that is more inviting to customers and employees alike. The positive impact that a professionally mowed lawn and beautifully landscaped grounds have on employees and potential clients cannot be underestimated. The end result of professional landscaping is a business front with more curb appeal for attracting customers.

2. Diagnosing and Treating Shrub and Tree Diseases.

An experienced commercial landscape management company is able to properly diagnose and treat diseases that trees and shrubs can develop. Natural Way Lawn and Tree Service states that among the most common of these are black knot, which mainly affects fruit and branches, leaf spot disease on foliage, diplodia tip blight, which turns needles on trees brown, and powdery mildew, which creates a grey or white appearance on leaves and eventually causes them to drop off. Should the need arise, a landscaping company can also remove or replace your trees.

3. Pruning Services.

Regular pruning is required to preserve the correct shape and growth structure of your trees. In addition, it also lessens problems caused by pests and diseases and reduces the impact of injuries caused by the weight of snow and ice during the winter.

4. Improving Drainage.

Hiring commercial landscapers means that you’ll have a team of experts watching over your landscaping at all times. If they notice any issues such as dry areas of lawn or leaks in your irrigation system, they’ll report it to you promptly and immediately address it. This is far preferable to having a disgruntled tenant bring it to your attention. A landscaping team will also work to ensure that your landscape is designed with proper drainage in mind, in accordance with the slope of your property and other factors.

5. Repairing Erosion Damage.

Over time, wind, rain, and other weather conditions can erode the soil on your property, making it difficult for your plants to store the water they need. This jeopardizes the health of your plants. Besides decreasing and preventing the damage caused by erosion, mulching services also help to retain moisture near the roots of your plants, where it is needed the most.

As an owner of a business or other commercial property, you understand the importance of keeping your property well-maintained. Commercial landscape management services are a crucial part of this. By hiring experienced professionals to handle this for you, you ensure that your property has landscaping that is easy to maintain, has visual appeal for your employees and potential customers or tenants, is kept in healthy condition, and is protected from drainage and erosion problems. Let the experts take this task off your hands and ease your busy schedule.

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