4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Good Landscaping

When many companies look at ways to improve their business plan and increase their bottom line, most professionals start by looking at internal issues. Business managers and owners look at how they provide customer service, how their marketing campaigns are going, ways to bring more people in the door with promotions and the like. One thing that often gets overlooked is the landscaping around their building. Just as it is important to make the best impression with marketing materials and on social media, it is important to make your business as attractive as possible for people who walk or drive by. To neglect your business landscaping is to leave money on the table.

  1. The first thing people notice when they go by or come to your business is how it looks from the outside. Commercial landscaping companies can help you make the right impression. When prospective customers or clients come to your business, they will drive on by if it does not look great from the outside. Consider these facts:
    • People will judge how much you care about how your business looks from the landscaping. If there are weeds everywhere, the lawn (if you have one) is overgrown and messy, the sidewalks have weeds growing out of the cracks and are dirty, and the place looks like a mess, the people you want to attract can be turned away.
    • People will think you are not interested in the details if your place looks like train-wreck from the outside. If you do not care about how your business looks enough to take care of basic lawn maintenance, how much do you really care about doing a good and thorough job?
    • People will wonder why your website looks so great and the exterior of your business does not. This may seem like a minor thing but even if they do not tell you, it will weigh into their thought process when it comes to buying your products or services.
  2. The right commercial landscape can set a good tone for your company. The style and design of the property outside of your business can show people what your values are. If you have a more modern landscape design, you are sending a different message to passers-by than a more traditional design. When you work with a good commercial landscaping services company, they will work with you to incorporate your brand into the design.
  3. The exterior of your business speaks volumes for your company and brand. This is the first real interaction you have with your target audience. They say that a “picture is worth a thousand words” and that principle can be applied here. When people pull up or drive by your business space, they will form an idea of what they think about you. You can make this a good impression — with the right walkways, furniture, and plants or you can make them think less of you because you have neglected your landscaping. If you have snow out front, they may worry about falling, which can cost you a lot.
  4. You can show the world that you are very organized with the right landscape design. It has been said that a cluttered desk is proof of a cluttered mind. The same can be true when it comes to the way you have your landscape design done. It does not have to be neglected, per se, to give people the wrong impression. If you have too much going on with it, it can look cluttered and busy. These are not great for showing the world that you pay attention to details and are very organized. Make your design clean and crisp to show the world how professional you are. Remember too, if you have worked to create a neat and clean website, you will undo that work with a messy design outside of your company.

When people you want to become your customer or client drives or walks by your place of business, you want them to see a place where they would like to go into. When customers or clients come to your business, you want the outside to reinforce their desire to work with you. Good landscaping can help your bottom line.

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