4 Busted Myths About Snow And Ice Removal

We’re in the thick of winter now. That means it’s not only time to invest in hefty winter boots but also time to start seriously thinking about snow and ice removal before the next snow storm hits.

Between 2012 and 2017, the snow plowing industry saw a growth of 2.4%. Commercial businesses are using professional snow removal services now more than ever. But there are still some misconceptions surrounding snow removal.

To clear the air, here are some of the most common myths about commercial snow removal.

  1. Chemical de-icers make it so you don’t need to shovel. De-icers are great because it keeps ice from gripping the pavement and making it impossible to remove. But de-icers don’t actually remove the ice from the pavement. They only release the ice so that you can remove it with a shovel or a snow plow. Chemical de-icers are designed to be aids for snow and ice removal. They don’t actually get rid of the ice themselves.
  2. It’s better to use a lot of chemical de-icers. As we said above de-icers help to make ice easy to remove. But when you use too much de-icer, you can actually create an entirely different problem that might be even more dangerous than just ice. That problem is slush. You want to use de-icer before the ice has a chance to form on the surface of the pavement. If you do end up using too much de-icer, shovel the slush to keep your sidewalks and pavement clear.
  3. Hot water works just as good as de-icer. One of the worst things you can actually do at your workplace is use hot water to melt ice and snow. Hot water eventually refreezes and the result is invisible black ice. Chemical de-icers might not be as great for the environment as hot water, but chemical de-icers won’t cause your customers to break their necks in your parking lot. Let a professional snow removal company take care of the snow and ice on your property for the best possible results.
  4. It’s better to remove snow at night. It’s understandable to want to call your snow removal company when you don’t have employees and clients entering and exiting your workplace. But it’s better to remove snow as it’s falling rather than waiting until later. If you wait for the parking lot to be empty before plowing, the snow can pack down and make the parking lot icier. What’s more, if you don’t apply chemical de-icers before ice forms then you won’t have a lot of success removing the ice once it does form.

Where can I find a snow removal company near me?

Commercial snow removal isn’t just important because it makes it easier for your employees to get into the company parking lot. Snow removal keeps your employees safe. The average worker’s compensation claim for snow-related injuries is $48,000.

Sneller Snow Systems is the snow removal company you’re looking for to keep your business safe and snow-free. To learn more about our snow removal company and our services, contact Sneller Snow Systems today.

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