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3 Questions You Should Ask When Looking for Snow Removal Services

Snow removal services are something every business needs. Trying to plow snow and remove ice by yourself can not only take a lot of time, but can be dangerous too. In fact, snow shoveling is responsible for as many as 100 deaths in the U.S. every year. So investing in snow removal services is always a good option. But before you sign up for snow removal, make sure to ask these few important questions.

What kind of equipment and products do you use? It’s important to know that not all commercial snow plowing companies use the same products and equipment. Some products are more effective at removing ice while causing less damage and certain plows may be gentler on your property. So when you’re meeting with potential snow removal companies, make sure to ask about their methods. In doing this, you can ensure you feel comfortable with the products and equipment being used on your property.

How will you communicate with me after a storm? It’s important to know how your snow plow company will get into contact with you after a storm. Communication is key when it comes to response time — your snow plow company should have a detailed plan of how they communicate with their customers when they’re arriving and leaving their property. So before you sign up for services, make sure you know how your snow plow company will contact you before, during, and after a storm in regards to your property.

Will my business be given priority? Most snow removal companies have several clients and you may not be at the top of the list for their schedule. While you don’t necessarily need to be the first stop of their route, you should know when you can expect your property to be taken care of. If you have specific business hours that mean you need snow removal services at a certain time, it’s important to communicate that. Many companies will be understanding of their customers’ needs and will do their best to be accommodating.

It’s important to understand the services and quality being offered to you before you decide on a snow removal company. Asking these questions can help ensure you choose the right snow removal company for your needs.

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