3 Maintenance Services Your Business Needs in the Winter

There are a lot of important tasks that go into owning and managing a business. But perhaps some of the most important, and overlooked, tasks are investing in outside maintenance services to help the business run more efficiently. So what kind of services should business owners invest in to save time and money this winter? Let’s explore a few key services every business with a physical location needs in the winter.

Snow Removal: First and foremost, every brick and mortar business should invest in snow removal services for the winter months. Commercial snow plowing is a service that is often underestimated. But with a recent study showing that workers comp claims for a snow- or ice-related injury can amount to an average of $48,000, it’s important for business owners to ensure parking lots and pathways are safe and clear of snow and ice. A snow removal company has the right tools and experience to get snow and ice removed from your property efficiently after a snowstorm. This allows employees, customers, and other visitors to enter and leave your business safely.

HVAC Services: During the winter months, proper heating throughout your building is essential. Not only do your employees and customers need to stay warm, but having proper heating can help keep the building from sustaining damage from frozen pipes. This is why HVAC services are essential in the winter months. Even simple tasks like replacing the HVAC filter, inspecting the ductwork, and checking the thermostat can do wonders when it comes to keeping the building heated and safe. If you want to avoid emergency no-heat calls, then you’re running out of time to invest in preventative HVAC maintenance.

Storm Cleanup: The winter season brings plenty of storms, many of which can cause serious damage. From fallen trees to torn up ground, storm cleanup services are important for businesses to keep in mind. Storm cleanup services are invaluable when it comes to removing debris, cutting up fallen trees, and repairing property damage after an ice storm. Preparing ahead of time and looking into debris removal and storm cleanup can save businesses a lot of time and money come winter.

As you can see, there are several services that offer valuable help to businesses. So if you own or manage a business, keep these services in mind come winter.

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