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Top 10 Reasons Why To Love Commercial Snow Removal

We talked to Mike Stevens, Editor in Chief at Snow Plow News, about what he thought are the top ten reasons why to LOVE commercial snow removal.  We think he came up with a pretty good list.  Check it out!

10. You Get to Play with Big Toys!

I’m sorry, but moving snow with a Cat 950 is just plain fun!

9. You Get to Save the Day!

It is about helping people out.  Snow removal at a single location can literally protect thousands of people.  We have a noble profession right up there with firemen, police officers, and hospital staff.

8. Big Piles of Snow!

Admit it, you used to have fun making those big piles of snow when you were a kid.  Now looking back, you think those 3 foot piles are nothing compared to your 20-foot high piles 100 feet long!

7. You Get a New Obstacle Course Every Snow Fall!

While some things stay the same, vehicles and people are always moving around you.  You have to keep alert and focused to do a great job and to keep from hitting that shopper that thought it was a good idea to leap in front of you!

6. It’s Just You and Your Truck Baby!

Maybe it is a loader or a skid steer or something else, but you don’t have someone sitting next to you telling you how to do your job all day long.

5. No One Limits Your Coffee or Caffeine intake!

Whether your favorite is coffee, Mountain Dew, or something else, let the good times roll!  Your Momma is not going to be asking if you really want that next cup.

4. You are Working While Others Are Sleeping.

There is something enjoyable about getting a whole lot of work done while Average Joe needs his beauty sleep.

3. You Have Time to Think About Life

While you have to stay alert, let’s face it, when it is just you, your machine, your cup of coffee, and Mother Nature, you get to think about life…or forget about it and just sing at the top of your lungs to the music you are blaring in the cab!

2. You are Tested to the Extremes

You feel like a Real Man (or Real Woman) when you are out conquering the snow Mother Nature has dished out over the last 60 hours.  Bring It On!

1. You Never Get Pushed Around because You Do All the Pushing!

Need I say more?

Thanks for your input Stevens.  Here is to the next snow season we all love!

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