The proper plowing of your Michigan parking lot is only part of the battle. Snowplows do not address the slippery conditions left behind after plowing, dangerous freezing rain, and refreezing of moisture on your parking lots and sidewalks. The top commercial snow removal companies in Michigan cover ice management after each snow removal. Sneller Snow & Grounds addresses potential slip and fall accidents and have a variety of snow removal and ice management services to meet specific needs. We also have the right product, equipment, and scientific knowledge to provide any level of safety and risk management that you desire for the best ice management and proactive deicing services.

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Below are some of Sneller Snow & Grounds ice and snow management starting points. When you’re researching new commercial snow removal companies or snow removal questions make sure to start here.

  • Pre-treat before the storm to prevent the bond between the snow and ice with your parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Liquid ice melt applications for better results in certain conditions and surfaces.
  • Our customized granular blend works faster, works in colder temperatures, and requires less product than common plain rock salt. Our product provides safety when others don’t.
  • Less harsh on surrounding plant material, turf and the environment.
  • We have several storage facilities throughout West Michigan and Mid Michigan to keep us stocked with the product that you need for your Lansing and Grand Rapids area business.


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January 28, 2019

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What is Deicing & How Do Deicers Work in Grand Rapids MI

Deicing is an important component of any Lansing and Grand Rapids snow removal and ice management plan. Snow can be removed, but the result can still be a slick walkway or parking lot due to post-plowing conditions, freezing rain or re-freezing of moisture left on cleared surfaces. It’s vital to have an experienced approach to deicing to make sure your property is safe for […]
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Slip and Fall Lawsuits: Can a Michigan Business Be Sued?

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August 10, 2015
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Different Options for Ice Management and Ice Melt in Michigan

With the cold winters in Michigan, ice management is important for avoiding hazardous conditions that cause slip and fall injuries. Whether you have a small business or large corporation, the need for custom ice removal solutions is a must. The problem is that most companies don’t take a customized approach to ice control depending on the current and forecasted conditions. […]

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