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The Costs of Snow Plowing Lansing, MI, Properties

If you live in the Lansing, Michigan, area, you are used to getting over 50″ of snow each year, so you want to know about the cost of snow plowing Lansing, MI, properties ahead of time.  Honestly, if you own a business in the Lansing area, you don’t ask IF you need to hire someone to plow your lot and walkways – instead you are wondering where can I get the best price and if it really pays off to hire a commercial snow removal professional vs. a friend you know who owns a plow or a low bid contractor who puts plows on their equipment in their off season. Is it worth the savings? Better yet, is there even much of a difference in price between the options?  And why does choosing the right snow removal professional make all the difference? There are many reasons to consider hiring a professional snow and ice removal contractor besides avoiding the headaches and stress; consider the following reasons:

Professional Lansing Snow Contractors Manage Risk, Not Just Snow Removal.

According to the law offices of William D. Kickham, “over a third of adults in the U.S. suffers serious injuries due to falling on snow or ice. Almost 20,000 will die each year as the result of these injuries, and approximately 600,000 are hospitalized.”  So one of the questions you have to ask yourself, “Will the person who is going to save me a few bucks this year, keep me from getting sued?”  Not only will getting sued cost you a lot, if the person clearing your lot doesn’t document the work done well and keep records, you are open to frivolous lawsuits.

Let’s say a person claims a slip and fall accident 18 months after the storm saying your walk-ways were not clear.  If you do not have documentation showing snow was properly removed, it becomes a “he said vs she said” argument, and the courts often side with the person who was injured, no matter how honest you are.  Even if documentation is kept, if you can’t shown consistently good record keeping, your documentation can still be thrown out, and then you are left with nothing.  Do you think your “guy with a plow” is keeping clear and concise records about your snow and ice removal for years until the opportunity to sue has past?  Not likely.  Only the trained professionals bother with documentation.

You can reduce your risk of lawsuits which can cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lawsuits, not to mention horrifying word of mouth and bad PR for a business, with the right contractor cleaning your lot. Professional snow and ice removal contractors have well thought out plans, proper equipment and invaluable experience to ensure hazards are removed correctly to prevent accidents and injuries.

Keep Your Business Open and Earning Revenue All Winter Long.

Have you ever decided not to visit a store because their parking lot was a snowy or slushy mess?  We all have chosen to move on rather than fight a nasty parking lot.  If you have someone removing snow on the cheap, you might just get what you pay for!  Can you afford to lose customers because of a messy parking lot?  There isn’t a huge secret to clean lots, professionals create a plan before winter begins, and as the old saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”  A professional snow plowing in Lansing will have a plan to clear your property and keep it ready for your clients and employees to stay safe.

Whether it is Severe weather in the Lansing, Michigan, area that came up quickly and with little warning, or if the case is gradual accumulation, snow and ice can cause businesses to shut down without the proper snow removal, snow relocation, and ice management services in place. With the help of a professional snow and ice removal contractor, your business parking lot can be cleared in a timely and safe manner, allowing your business to stay operating regardless of the weather.

Save Your Employees for Their Area of Expertise.

Removing snow and ice properly can become very time consuming with snow sometimes coming daily at times in Michigan. Using your employees for DIY snow and ice removal can drain hours of valuable time in labor which should be used elsewhere.  Your businesses still needs to run and your employees are better trained for operating your business than snow removal.  Under-trained employees doing amateur snow removal don’t understand best practices and techniques for safe snow and ice management. DYI snow removal rarely has procedures in place to clean and document your property well enough to prevent slip-and-fall lawsuits.

It may seem simple, but often it’s not. Do your employees have the training and equipment that will make injuries less likely?  Can you afford the proper equipment and afford to take on the liability of removing snow on your own?  Don’t you have enough headaches to worry about without thinking about keeping your parking lot clear?

Enjoy peace of mind.

By hiring a Lansing professional snow and ice management company, you can be confident your parking lots and walkways are cleared of hazards, ensuring peace of mind and safety for you, your employees, vendors and customers. Consider hiring a professional snow and ice remover this winter for your business. It is worth the investment!

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