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Snow Removal Services in Grand Rapids MI - sidewalk snowplowing

Looking for professional Snow Plow Services in Grand Rapids or Lansing?  While a lot of people call themselves “professionals” you can tell who is a cut above the rest by the ice and snow removal plan they present to you long before the snow ever falls.  With commercial snow removal services in Michigan, location matters, and when it comes to commercial snow plowing, your “location” will dictate the snow plow services you need and the equipment that’s needed to do it right.

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Let’s talk about your commercial snow removal services in Grand Rapids, Lansing, or surrounding area to make sure you have a good plan.

We have been providing snow plow services in Grand Rapids and Lansing for decades, and since we strive to be the very best, we don’t mind telling you what to look for in a quality, commercial snow removal team in Grand Rapids or Lansing so you don’t regret the next company you choose.  We just ask you consider us in your quoting process for your snow plowing needs this next season.  So here’s what to look for:

Strategic Snow Plowing: Planned Snow Placement

Here at Sneller Snow & Grounds, we do our homework during the off season in order to ensure that once the snow starts falling, we have a plan in place to meet your specific snow plowing needs. That is why every time we sign up a new client, one of our first steps is to assess the property in question to determine where we should plan to place a snow pile (if at all – but more on that in a moment).

Snow removal companies who do not invest the energy to address such questions ahead of time could wind up placing the snow pile in an entirely inconvenient place. Awkwardly-placed snow piles can restrict access to your entryway, block critical parking spaces, prevent shipments from arriving or departing from your warehouse, interfere with sanitation or mail service, and even hide your sign (or your entire business) from view.  Their plan should be more than a quote for square feet of snow removal space and how many inches

Planning snow removal ahead of time makes common sense, around the country, city managers tackle this project every year, hoping to downplay health risks and inconvenience citizens as little as possible, yet you would be surprised at how many snow plow contractors do not have a plan ahead of time, and as the saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

We believe your business deserves the same level of care, consideration, and forward planning.  Make sure your snow removal contractor has a plan of what to do with the snow.

Complete Snow Removal

Of course, not all properties can sustain a massive snow pile every time the skies let loose. You may have very little land or an infrastructure to which a large snow pile could prove unsafe. In such cases, we arrange to have the snow literally removed off site for you, keeping your property entirely clear and unblocked.  You might not normally need snow removal, but what happens in a heavier winter, are you just going to close half your parking lot?  Even if you don’t normally need snow removal, you should have a plan and someone capable of taking care of your excess snow.

Forward Planning for Snow Plow Services

Make sure your snow plowing service plan includes what will happen in every scenario.  What will happen during an ice storm, what happens with a 1″ snow, what happens in a 24″ snow storm?  All that should be spelled out for you.  Forward planning can also be done on your part.  If you start shopping around for snow plow services on November 1, you will have a harder time getting the snow plow services team you want.  We try to leave some extra room for last minute clients, but ultimately we need to ensure we have the staff and equipment to handle everyone’s needs.  And good contractor will let you know if they are completely booked for the season and that ensures if they do say yes, you are covered.

Ensure Snow Plowing Equipment is Matched for Your Property

Some commercial lots just need a snow plow mounted on a truck, but what happens with sidewalks?  What happens with lots of sidewalks?  What happens with large parking lots where a regular snow plow cannot push the snow to the edge?  A professional snow plow contractor will have a wider range of equipment that they can match to your specific needs.  Everything from a giant front loader with a box plow to specialized machines that remove snow from your sidewalk might be tools in your snow plow contractors tool box.

Look for Experience and Training

When you look for a snow plow services contractor, you want to find out their experience and their training.  How long have they been clearing commercial properties?  What kind of training do they have?  What certifications do they have and are the certifications industry standard certifications like from SIMA or ASCA?  What clients have they had for multiple years and can you contact those clients for references?  Nothing can replace training and experience in order to ensure a safe property, so be sure to find out more about how long the company has been doing commercial snow removal and what kind of professional training they have received.

Advantages of Choosing Sneller Snow & Grounds for Your Snow Plowing Needs

Our company has a well-established track record of planning ahead with our clients to meet each one’s specific needs. Although we do have well-honed systems in place that we have carefully crafted over the years, we do not approach each property as if it has a cookie-cutter solution. We take all aspects of each new client into account and devise a plan specific to that individual property.  In order for us to know best how to serve you, we prefer to have as much lead time as possible. Then we can study your property, map it out, assign equipment and make sure you are getting the custom approach you need. Once you have contracted with a commercial snow removal service like Sneller Snow & Grounds, you can concentrate on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

What is more, we have earned our ISO 9001 / SN 9001 certification for the further benefit and security of our clients. Earning this distinction involved undergoing a rigorous, third-party audit to ensure full compliance with industry standards. As holders of this certification, we are able to offer you increased protection against the dreaded slip-and-fall lawsuits that are the bane of any business during winter because we can show the level of service you have received and the third party audit verifies our record keeping is accurate.

While slip-and-fall cases have become tougher to establish in Michigan courts since more recent Supreme Court decisions upped the bar, such cases are still not anything anyone would want to mess around with. Any sort of legal wrangling is expensive, even with insurance; and besides that, the cost of time invested in meeting with legal counsel just to face the case in court is not something most business owners and property managers can spare.  Fortunately, contracting with a snow removal company that retains ISO 9001 certification decreases the chances that the other party will even be able to establish a case. Sneller Snow & Grounds is proud to offer itself as a prime choice in that regard.

The Next Step

Although putting off planning might save you time and energy today, it will cost you much more down the road if you face a winter storm without a strategy in place. We are here to help.
If you would like more information about Sneller Snow & Grounds or our services, or if you have questions about anything else, please contact us or read more about our snow removal services online. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can best meet your needs.

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