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Lansing Parking Lot Snow Removal

Are you in need of snow removal for your Lansing area parking lot and walks?  Make sure you use a dedicated commercial snow removal companies rather than the jack-of-all-trades average snow removal service, Here are some reasons of why we at Sneller are a great fit for your Lansing area parking lot snow removal.

ISO 9001/SN9000 Certification and Documentation

If you are familiar with ISO 9000, you already know ISO is a great quality management system companies setup to ensure quality and continuous improvement which requires third-party verification that the company adheres to their quality management system as well as has a system for continuous improvement.

What does ISO certification mean for you and your Lansing snow removal?  We have documented best practices, a third-party audits our systems annually, and we are constantly looking for better ways to improve our quality allowing you to be assured we will deliver on our promise of high quality consistently throughout the winter season.  We have a habit of keeping our commitments and you will find that true for you as well.

The SN9000 standard is a subset of the ISO 9000 system for Snow and Ice Management providers.  The SN9000 stipulates we will have tracking and documentation in place to ensure your property is clean and records are kept detailing what we did during each winter event.

The SN9000 standard means you can be certain your property is cleaned correctly every time, and we have kept the “paperwork” (in our case digital records) showing what work was done to protect you from frivolous and unnecessary slip-and-fall lawsuits.  In the US, slip-and-fall lawsuits average over $15,000 in settlements, so the less exposure you have to slip-and-fall lawsuit, the less you have to worry about!

Action Plans For Your Parking Lot

We work with you in planning how to clean your parking lot and walkways, from what levels of service you need at particular times of the day to where to put the snow that fell on your lot.  The planning we do with you before winter is one of the most important parts of keeping a clean property because without a solid plan, you leave it to accident that the parking lot and walks will be cleaned to your expectations.  We will ensure you not only meet Lansing laws for snow removal, but your clients and employees are safe.

The snow removal plans are about more than where to dump the snow.  We make sure EVERYTHING you find important is documented, whether that is delicate foliage, obstacles the snow might hide, or anything else we need to exercise caution around while clearing snow.

Spring Clean-Up

Snow removal is not without some risks and there may be a few things out of place by the time spring comes around.  No matter who removes your snow, if there is a 12” snow fall, things are going to accidentally get bumped, especially stuff hiding under the snow like parking blocks.  Most likely, you are going to want us to come through in spring to get everything back in order.  Sometimes commercial property owners find if their snow removal team is not their landscaping team, the snow removal company has a hard time coming back in spring to straighten things out because you are on the bottom of the list. Do you really need to wait until June to get your parking blocks moved back to where they belong?

We are known among our clients as a company who follows through on our commitments, a company you can really trust.

You Know What You Are Going to Get

Even before the snow flies, we ensure you understand what you the proposal and your contract.  We go over in plain language what you will and will not get as part of your snow removal services in the process of creating your custom snow removal plan for parking lots, walks, and anything else you need cleared.

There won’t be a “gotcha” in the contract because we would like to be your snow removal service for decades, and with our long-term view in mind we will strive to make you delighted with our services from our first introduction, through all of the following springs when you look back, know people were safe on your property during the winter, and your property looks great going into the landscaping season.

Never Hurts to Get a Quote

It is hard to get to know a company based on a website alone.  After decades of providing snow removal in Lansing, we know a commercial snow removal relationship takes time and many steps.  Your first step is calling us today so we can show you what kind of company we are.  There is a reason we win a lot of commercial jobs…simply put, our clients find us to be a great solution for their snow removal needs.  We look forward to hearing from you today.  616-868-4900


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