Lansing Commercial Lawn Cutting Services

Lawn Mowing Services - Sneller Snow & Grounds, MIWhat makes the difference between poor lawn care and great commercial lawn cutting services in Lansing is rarely something covered in a quote.  If you are not careful in what lawn cutting service you choose, you may find a crew with shoddy equipment wearing offensive t-shirts mowing grass onto walkways and leave tire ruts in your lawn.

It is our passion to always provide excellent service that sets apart Sneller Snow & Grounds from the other lawn cutting services and that passion has allowed us to earn the Outstanding Landscape Maintenance Award.

Our attention to detail means you get professional and courteous uniformed crews which take the extra steps to ensure you have a great looking lawn while keeping your clients and employees happy.  Here are a few highlights of standard practices that set Sneller Snow & Grounds apart.

  • We give weekly safety training for all our crews to keep you and our crew safe.
  • We sharpen our lawn mower blades multiple times a week to ensure a clean cut.
  • We ensure the lawn is trimmed to your desired height.
  • We mow in different directions to avoid soil compaction (which would leave noticeable marks in the lawn). Changing directions also promotes even turf growth and variety.
  • We avoid mowing grass clippings into the street, parking lot, or mulch beds while lawn cutting.
  • We make sure grass clippings are not on walks and not clumped up in piles on your lawn.
  • We hand trim wet areas to protect your lawn.
  • We clean up the concrete edging multiple times in a season to keep the grass from overgrowing your concrete.

Anyone can buy a mower and send you invoices.  We provide the professionalism to lawn care that you expect out of your team while your team serves your clients.  The best part is, the excellence we provide is more affordable than you think, so give us a call for a free quote today!