Grand Rapids Lawn Cutting Services

Lawn Mowing Services - Sneller Snow & Grounds, MIHow you can tell the difference between poor lawn care and great commercial lawn cutting services in Grand Rapids is not something you will find spelled out in the quote.  If you rush to choose your lawn cutting company, you may find workers with poor equipment wearing distasteful t-shirts cutting grass onto walkways plus they may leave tire ruts in your lawn.

Sneller Snow & Grounds sets ourselves apart from the other lawn cutting services by focusing on the little details that add up to a big difference in quality of service.  Providing you with the highest quality service at an affordable price is our passion and that passion has allowed us to earn the Outstanding Landscape Maintenance Award.

What this all means for you is you get professional uniformed crews which take the extra steps to ensure you have a great looking property while keeping your clients and employees happy.  Here are just some of the highlights of things we do that set Sneller Snow & Grounds apart.

  • We provide weekly safety training for all our crews to keep everyone safe.
  • Our professional uniformed crews work on your property keeping in mind that a customer of yours could be watching, so they are always act accordingly.
  • Twice a week we sharpen the lawn mower blades to ensure clean cutting.
  • We trim the lawn to the height you would like rather than to our convenience.
  • We mow in different directions to reduce soil compaction which keeps your lawn healthier.
  • We avoid mowing grass clippings into your parking lot, street, or garden beds while mowing.
  • We ensure grass clippings are off walks and even mulched back into your lawn.
  • To protect wet areas of your lawn, we practice hand trimming.
  • We clean your concrete edging a few times a season to keep the grass from overgrowing your concrete.

Just because someone has a big mower and can send you invoices does not mean they will provide a professional service.  We provide the service you expect out professional landscapers and the best part is, the excellence we provide is more affordable than you think!  Give us a call for a free quote today!