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Your Commercial Snow Removal Company

Sneller Snow & Grounds is first and foremost a snow removal company.  Okay, we like the technical term “snow and ice management” company, but you get the picture.  Our passion and primary job is snow removal.


While most snow removal contractors use snow removal for “winter filler” work, our life as a snow removal company means we focus on snow removal year-round.  You would be surprised at how much work is involved to be a snow removal contractor of excellence, but that prep work means you get superb winter service without paying breaking the bank to keep your property safe during the winter.

With snow removal as our primary focus, we train, equip, and hire for snow removal while striving to be one of the best snow removal contractors in the nation.  Just to give you some examples of what being “the best” means, we were the 12th in the world to earn an ISO 9000/SN9001 certification for our snow removal systems.  We are also among the few companies in the US that are members of both ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association) & SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association).

We even have dedicated software for you to track in real-time the status of the snow and ice management on your property.  Without having to track anyone down, you can see when we are on your property or see pictures of how great your property looks after snow removal even if you are half a world away in an exotic location like Tahiti, Jamaica, or Detroit (okay, it doesn’t have to be exotic and you can even check from your home).  Here are some services we offer (get the full list of our snow removal services here).

“Zero Tolerance” Services

When you provide a mission critical service to the community (like a hospital) or are a high traffic location (like a shopping mall or a busy manufacturer or warehouse), you can’t afford to have average snow removal.  With average, the snow piles up and the plowing doesn’t begin until toward the end of the storm.

If your operation needs to stay running and safe 24/7, no matter what the weather, we call that “zero tolerance” service…like you have zero tolerance for an unsafe property.  Since we have the staff, equipment, and training for any size property at any service level regardless of weather, we are one of the few companies you can actually count on to ensure safe conditions during a Grand Rapids or Lansing winter weather event.

Can you image the cost of having a visitor to the ER fall as they are five feet from the entry doors?  Or, if you are a business, what do you think the cost is if a semi-truck slides into another semi while backing up into one of your docks?  How much will it cost to shut your doors as a retail operation while waiting for snow removal?  Can you afford to wait that long?  For those who can’t afford waiting until it is convenient for your snow removal contractor to come visit you, zero tolerance services are for you.

Commercial Parking Lot Snow Removal

Clearing a parking lot looks simple, but when the parking lot by itself covers acres and acres, there are special logistical concerns that not everyone knows how to handle.  The hard part is, what do you do with all that snow?  A small one acre parking lot gets over 400 cu. yds. of snow when only 3 inches falls to the ground.  By the way, it would take over 3 average semi-trailers to haul away 400 cu. yds. of snow that came from that single acre.

When you start talking about 20, 40, 80-acre parking lots, you are talking a LOT of snow that needs to go somewhere.  We safely move that snow quickly to places that will not damage your landscaping nor get in your clients’ or employees’ ways.

Snow Relocation/Snow Hauling

When you have limited land, the snow cannot simply be pushed out of the way.  Lansing gets a lot of snow and Grand Rapids gets a LOT more snow so when your space is limited, you need to make that snow disappear.  We haul your snow away to free up your space.

Walkway/Sidewalk Shoveling and Snow Removal

Almost any place with a parking lot has walkways.  The walkways can create a special challenge because not only do you often have pedestrians trying to use the walk while people are removing the snow, you also do not always have a lot of places you can move the snow from the sidewalks.

We utilize specially outfitted equipment to safely, quickly, and efficiently move the snow from your walks.  We also have the ability to pre-treat walks before snow or ice events to keep the walks safe regardless of the weather.

Ice Management Pre-Treatment and Deicing

Speaking of pre-treatment, as the saying goes, “sometimes the best defense is a good offense.”  Why should you wait for your lot or your walks to get slippery before you attack the problem?  When nasty winter weather is expected in the forecast, we have the capabilities to attack winter before it comes at you by layering down a pretreatment, preventing ice from forming on the surface.

All Exits Treated

One of the benefits of working with Sneller is our planning sessions ahead of the winter season.  You can identify all safety exits you need us to clear.  It is funny how many companies talk safety and then they let their fire exits get blocked or covered with ice over the winter.  We can help you ensure your property is completely safe by talking to you regarding all areas that are a snow and ice management priority for you and your company.

We Care About Your Landscaping Too

You don’t have to count on hope and wishes to protect your fragile landscaping with us!  As we strategize how to remove snow from your lot, we can find out where you have sensitive plants or objects in your landscaping that will not do under a giant pile of snow. Safe stacking zones are identified where we can safely pile up the snow that lands on your lot.