Commercial Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing Services - Sneller Snow & Grounds, MI

You need Professional Lawn Care Services!

Our commercial lawn care services stand out because of the attention to details that seem basic to us but seem absent from so many other lawn care service companies.  Here are just some of the normal details you can expect us to cover that you don’t always find elsewhere.

  • Uniformed, friendly, professional crews providing commercial lawn care services and commercial landscaping
  • Weekly safety training for all of our commercial lawn maintenance crews to ensure our team, your team, your clients, and your property stays safe.
  • We will ensure proper trimming height of your lawn.
  • We will ensure regular edging of concrete edges to eliminate overgrowth on concrete.
  • We hand trim wet areas rather than driving a mower through to protect your lawn and your landscaping.
  • All of the grass clippings are dealt with appropriately. You will NOT see grass clippings on the street, on walkways, on cars, in mulched beds or anywhere else they do not belong.
  • We change the mowing pattern frequently to avoid patterns of soil compaction, and to promote healthy and even turf growth.
  • Expect professional maintenance of our equipment (like we sharpen our lawn mower blades two times per week) to keep your lawn and plants healthy and to minimize time on your site.
  • We will report concerns that we find on the property, such as irrigation leaks, dry areas, pest and disease activity, or even things that have nothing to do with landscaping like we might notice gutter damage from winter ice. Our trained staff will proactively mention if they see any maintenance needs while working on your property so you are not surprised by complaints from a tenant or by damage from a neglected problem.

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