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Lansing Commercial Landscaping

Are you looking for the best commercial landscaping Lansing business owners rave about? Sneller’s Commercial Landscaping in Lansing is your answer for landscaping services in and around our capital city.  What makes Sneller so special?  It is our exclusive focus on commercial clients. Let us explain why using a Commercial Landscaping Company is different than using a landscaping company that also “does commercial jobs.”

Commercial Landscaping with Professionalism

We understand it is not just how we care for your lawn that makes a difference.  People you hire to work on your property should reflect your business values any because your customers are always watching. While we are on your property, our team will look and act professional with everything from company uniforms to courteous treatment of your clients.  We help you look good from how the lawn gets mowed to how our team acts around your clients.

We also take a proactive approach in communicating with you because we know you appreciate staying on top of what is going on with your property.  We have received many a “thank-you” when we tell property owners issues we notice with their property, keeping them from being surprised by customer or tenant complaints.  Our team is here to serve your team, isn’t that the way it should be?

Commercial Landscaping that is Equipped for Your Needs

Of course, we maintain equipment that will allow us to be on your site for as short a time as possible, yet our “equipping” goes far beyond the tools we use.  Our employees all go through our custom training and they will be using properly maintained equipment.

Maybe more important to you is we are a fully insured landscaper.  Since we have proper insurance, you can sit back and breath easily, because you are NOT taking on an additional risk when we are on your property. Isn’t that why you hire a landscaping company anyway, so you can focus on your business rather than worrying about what is going on with your landscaping and the people working on your landscaping?

Commercial Lawn Mowing for Lansing

Like with most landscapers, the primary work most people hire us for is lawn mowing.  Yet mowing is not done the same by everyone.  We find it is the little things that make the difference.

One example of watching the details is we go through the effort of sharpening our mower blades twice a week.  When is the last time you sharpened your blades?  We sharpen our blades because a dull blade can bruise your grass therefore hurting the health of your lawn.

Here is a question for you…do you like grass clippings all over your sidewalk?  We did not think so.  Everything from edging to clipping cleanup, we handle everything with professionalism so you do not have to worry about the lawn on your property.  You get professional service through and through when Sneller takes care of your lawn.

Full Service Landscaping Company

It is not just lawn mowing, we handle all your Lansing landscaping needs.  From spring & fall cleanup to weed control, from pruning to landscaping projects, if you own a commercial property, we can help you out!  Contact us today by calling 616-868-4900 or contact us online to discuss how we can use our award-winning lawn maintenance and commercial landscaping services to simplify your life and give you the solutions you need.