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Landscape Projects - Sneller Snow & Grounds, MI

At Sneller, we decided to exclusively be a commercial landscaping company because we know your needs are different from home owners.  Not only does your landscaping work need to happen almost invisibly to your customers and employees, you could also use a watchful eye on your grounds since you do not walk every inch of your grounds on a daily basis.

At Sneller, we promise to bring to you excellent service, the right price, and a partner mentality where we treat your property as if it were our own.

Professional Landscaping Care from Beginning to End

Allow us to help you create an inviting experience from the first moment someone notices your property.  Whether you like it or not, people will assume the quality of your business just based on the appearance of your property.  You cannot afford to push potential customers away by the appearance of poor landscaping.  A well designed and maintained landscape will have the opposite effect, drawing people in to what they assume is an inviting and well-maintained business.

Sneller Snow & Grounds (a.k.a. Sneller Snow & Grounds) can handle any of your landscaping needs because we have decades of experience in taking care of commercial clients.  We have services like…

Commercial Lawn Care Services

Every company needs their lawn maintained.  We commit to minimize time on your property yet we will ensure you have a beautifully manicured lawn throughout the grass growing months.  Our team comes uniformed so your customers see you hire professional services (instead of a fly-by-night operation) and the team is well trained to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Commercial Landscape Management

Your lawn is just one part of your landscaping.  Whether you have flower beds or gardens that need to be maintained or bushes and trees that need proper care, we are able to keep your property in great shape.  We are a turnkey supplier, so you don’t even have to be local to the property we maintain since you have confidence your property is being taken care of as if it is our own by Sneller.

Landscape Design

A well designed and constructed property not only creates beauty on your property, it can also reduce overall cost.  We can establish plants that will flourish in the different environments on your property while also ensuring we keep your overall costs low by not creating a huge annual maintenance bill with the wrong landscape design.  We can also ensure proper drainage which protects your property as well as the people that are on your property.

Snow Removal Services

Our greatest area of expertise is snow and ice removal.  We understand snow removal is about keeping customers happy and eliminating risk to your business.  Find the Sneller difference when you protect your property through our Snow Removal Services.

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