October 6, 2019

8 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Landscaping Company

Studies show that 83 percent of Americans value a yard in their property, and 90% of those with a yard want it to be maintained regularly. Therefore, commercial landscape management services are always on high demand, especially from people with large commercial and residential properties. If you are one of the property owners in need of commercial landscape management services, […]
October 10, 2019

Commercial Snow Removal in Grand Rapids, MI and 4 the questions you need to ask about your quote.

As we gear up for winter in Michigan, it’s time to start looking at your snow removal options in the Grand Rapids area. If you’re looking to contract out the your snow removal services, Sneller Snow & Grounds is a great option for your needs. With commercial snow plowing, removal and hauling services, we have a comprehensive service suite to […]
November 27, 2019

Don’t Let Snow Bury Your Business: Five Benefits of Professional Snow Removal

Michigan is beautiful during the warmer months, but we all know how bad the winters can get. Between ice, snow, and frigid temperatures, without the proper commercial snow removal services, your business could suffer. As the temperatures begin to drop, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring commercial snow plowing services for your business. The Five Benefits of […]
November 28, 2019

What to Look For When Choosing a Commercial Snow Plowing Service

When it comes to keeping your business snow-free during the winter, it’s essential to have a company you can rely on. This is especially true for business owners over 55, as people over that age are nearly four times more likely to suffer heart-related injuries while shoveling, as reported by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Instead of trying to […]