Who is the Best Commercial Snow Removal Services Company in Michigan?

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We are glad you asked who is the best commercial snow removal services company in Michigan.  The answer to your question is Sneller Snow Services.  Alright, so we admit we are a bit biased and you deserve some facts, so we are going to tell you what to look for in a commercial snow removal company and why we are told by our clients we are the best.

Look for a Snow Removal Services Company with a Primary Commercial Focus

There are a lot of contractors who add commercial lots to to their residential service.  Yet taking care of commercial lots is a bit different than plowing a driveway at someone’s house.  On a commercial lot, you can have people driving and people walking along side of you while you are plowing.  The liability is also different, a home owner just needs to be happy with his snow removal, while a business needs to protect its clients, its employees, and even people “just passing through.”  Honestly, it takes a lot of planning and preparation in order to keep people safe, and the few snow and ice management companies that focus on commercial snow removal are for the most part the only ones with the experience and training to keep people safe during winter and you away from lawsuits from slip-and-fall claims.

Sneller Snow & Grounds is primarily a commercial snow removal services company.  Our clients include hospitals and malls where there is a low tolerance slip-and-fall accidents.  We have the training and experience needed to provide you with the ice and snow removal you need.

Look for Safety, Liability, and Risk Management Records

Ensure your company of choice operates in a safe manner, following all current safety regulations and inquire about their risk management to ensure safe practices. Look for the company’s safety track record and find out what the liability coverage is (you don’t want someone under-insured).  What also helps you know if the company is truly the “best” is what kind of training the company gives its employees.  Research their certifications and affiliations to be sure they are reputable.

Sneller Snow & Grounds has an excellent safety record and yes, we carry a hefty liability insurance policy (you can ask us what our current coverage is by calling us).  We are proud to be members of and accredited by SIMA (the Snow and Ice Management Association) and we were the 12th and still one of the less than 30 snow removal companies to become ISO certified.  This means we get your lot cleaned properly the first time, every time, as agreed to in your contract, with no surprises on your end.


Look for the “Right Price”

The right price is only found with detailed planning ahead of the snow season.  Most snow removal companies charge about the same amount per hour, the difference in your quote is often how much work the company is actually going to provide.  You can have someone low-ball their price and yet they end up charging more when you find out they took more time to clean your lot than expected.  Worse yet, you can have someone low-ball their price and find your property is an unsafe mess for the entire winter.

“Right-sizing” your snow removal needs is why Sneller Snow & Grounds takes time to plan your snow removal long before the weather gets cold.  We talk to you to find out the service level you require.  Then we map out your lot and use our superior technology to determine the most efficient way to keep your property safe during the winter, eliminating any unnecessary work.  Our preseason planning ensures everyone has clear expectations about what will happen during the snow season and we keep your costs as low as possible for the service level you need.

Learn about the Company’s Snow Removal Execution, Responsiveness and Communication

It will help you to take time to understand the procedures used to remove snow and ice to safeguard your business from any unwanted risk. While exploring the execution of the snow and ice removal, inquire about emergency removal plans in instances where severe weather hits without warning. Consider the responsiveness of your selected professionals to ensure quick and timely removal of your snow and ice, allowing your business to operate with no or little interruption. Also inquire about pre-storm processes. Do they start deicing before the storm hits? And how do they communicate what actions they take before, during and after a snow event?

Sneller Snow & Grounds has developed communication tools to keep you up to date before, during, and after a storm about your snow and ice removal status.  Our clear documentation will also help you see not only what the plan is, but planned contingencies.  Our goal is to keep you informed, and you will see that even during the quoting process when we work with aligning your needs with the services that need to be planned for your property.

Learn about the Company’s Expertise, Certification and Professionalism

Make sure you examine years of experience and service while also considering any education and certifications. For example, Sneller Snow & Grounds was the first Michigan snow plow company to receive ISO 9001 Certification for our quality snow removal and documentation process. Years of service with ongoing training and certification can greatly increase the level of performance of the company managing your snow and ice removal, which is why we are proud to share we have been providing professional service since 1984. Professionalism reflects the character of the business; demonstrating competency and integrity in their field of expertise.  How can you test Sneller’s professionalism?  You can give us a call to receive a free, no obligations quote for our snow removal services.  You can trust how we treat you in the beginning is how we will treat you going forward.

You can find out more about Sneller Snow & Grounds online or Contact Us for further detail about or expertise and removal policies.There is a reason most of our customers stay with us year after year and we hope you will be our next delighted client, but the only way to find out is to make that call for a free quote today.