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4 best practices to keep your commercial property safe during the winter months

Sneller Snow Services has been in the snow and ice management industry for over 30 years, and we know how to help keep your property safe during the winter months. It’s always important to know best practices to keep employees and visitors safe when visiting in the winter months, and we are here to help with your planning!

Maintenance, property repairs, and yearly improvements are some of the ways you can keep your property secure, and it’s important that you check your property for these things on a regular basis.  As the snowy months fall upon us, make sure you know the basics in order to keep your commercial property safe. Here are 4 of our top things you should consider implementing into your snow and ice management plan:

Property Inspection

Basic safety starts before the first snowfall, so it’s a great idea to perform a thorough property inspection before regular Michigan snow and ice hits the pavement. Your landscape management team can check the property for any problems that need to be addressed. Specifically, make sure all handrails and drainage pipes are secure and pavement cracks are filled in before winter weather arrives.

Ice Removal & Management

Once the Michigan winter sets in, it can be difficult to manage large amount of ice. To help with ice management, it is best to have both salt and sand on hand to address ice buildup. You can avoid ice disasters on your property by consistently putting down salt and sand on your businesses’ pavement, walkways, and parking lots. Although it may seem tedious, this practice alone will save you many falls during the winter months.

Snow Removal & Management

As you drop salt and sand on your commercial property to manage ice buildup, it’s also important to think about how you and your business will manage snowfall. For a commercial property, it is convenient and appropriate to hire management professionals who offer snow/ice insurance and proper equipment. Make sure to search for snow management companies and contractors well before the first snowfall, so you are not scrambling to find someone for local snow service in the middle of winter. You will be glad you made the call early in the season, as snow and ice contractors are often booked well in advance.

Winter Planning

Similar to how you plan summer vacations, always make sure to plan around Michigan winter weather. As Michigan weather can be unpredictable, it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection and set up snow and ice removal services early in the year. Additionally, make sure your employees and visitors understand new winter protocol set in place by distributing a winter weather plan. As you put together a plan, include your snow and ice management professionals’ contact information and safety resources.

As Snow Sneller Services has been in the snow and ice management industry for over three decades, we are here to help guide you through the winter season and answer any questions you have about property management. We service Grand Rapids and all surrounding areas year-round and would be happy to set up a brief appointment about our services. Contact us or read more about our snow removal services online to learn more about our company, and consider signing on with Snow Sneller Services for snow and ice management, today!

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